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What are the worst animes/mangas out there!

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3:36 am, Oct 26 2022
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There was an NTR hentai I won't name. It was a collection of 5 stories, the first two of which traumatized me for years before I was able to let it go. The last three we're not NTR, and took place in a cafe or something.

Both stories were effective in making you feel for the MCs, of which their childhood friend/love interest offered themselves up to the bullies of the MC/a random guy.

In the first story, the bullies one (with evil uncle), the girl had to be married for the guy to inherit his family's future.

The MC lost his past, present and chance at a happy future to a girl who literally threw him away out of lust and forced him to watch (he couldn't please her like her rapists did). Worst part? The girl got into the mess, despite being able to defend herself against them (trained ninja), because she didn't leave them alone like the MC asked and then made a deal with them to leave him alone by cheating on him despite her feelings for the MC and knowing he needs to marry her to have a future with his family.

There's no way she wouldn't have known she was helping to bully her childhood friend, despite doing it to stop the bullying. And yet she didn't know.

This was from the time most of the internet was just discovering NTR, so the comments sections back then were full of people desperately warning others not to read it in long paragraphs. It's name has since been translated differently.

Yes, I read it a second time to confront my trauma years later. Still took months after that to let it go, and reading it again didn't exactly help.

The second story was the childhood love interest choosing to go with a random guy instead of tell the MC her feelings. The MC is then dragged to the other side of a double-sided glass wall where he is tied to a chair and forced to watch and listen. Listen as the girl says she was saving all her firsts for him while watching as she excitedly gives them to the random guy. She calls the MC to talk later that night, but the MC is depressed and hangs up as she gets half-way through saying "I love you". Then she cries, knowing what she had done.

The random guy she gave everything to did what he did because he couldn't stand watching puppy love develop, and we learn he's done that crap before.

Honestly, if I may, I'd argue any hentai is the worst manga/anime ever. Even the happy ones. Porn addiction is awful, fogs your brain, makes you a slave to dopamine, and honestly makes personal hygene much harder. Relationships IRL of all kind suffer, and you need those relationships to stop it.

I hate it. I hate it so much. And yet... well, I hate myself, too, after giving in.

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9:26 am, Dec 1 2022
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Tokyo Ghoul anime was such a heartbreak
I was super-invested in the world building then they threw the story away at the end of season 1 for 'suddenly OP' shounen
quitting a series after 12 episodes is 🙁

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