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Suggestions on Advanced Search

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3:32 am, Feb 13 2022
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Hello, I would like to give some suggestions on the Advanced Search feature.

It would be nice to be able to specify some additional criteria for the search:
- Year (as a interval, for example 1990 - 2001)
- User Rating, number of votes given.

If you want to, you could have a look at IMDb's Advanced Search for inspiration. It is very powerful (you could describe it as "feature complete" ).

Thank you for this great site, I hope you will appreciate these suggestions.


3:33 pm, Mar 23 2022
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Yeah, this sounds good. A lot more can be included in Advanced Search I think, something I'd also like is a number of volumes criteria(also in intervals like 5-8 volumes).

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6:33 pm, Mar 23 2022
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I personally would also like a "Only show manga on any of my lists" option, since there is already a "Only show manga not on any of my lists" one.

When tag/category searching for a series and you can't remember whether you completed/dropped/put it on hold/are reading it, it would reduce the subsequent searches needed by a significant amount.

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12:46 am, Mar 25 2022
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I second the date suggestion, I also would love it if we could search by volume length, or add tags with a number of ranges kind of like vndb (Very Short Length(2≤ Volumes) , Short Length(3-10 volumes) , Medium Length(11-30 Volumes) , Long Length(31-50 Volumes) , Very Long Length(50-100 volumes) , and 100+ Volumes

My 3rd suggestion would be the ability to search by publisher and by magazine/publication, so for example someone could filter and order the releases of hana to yume by date and genre if someone so desired.

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