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Suggestions on Advanced Search

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3:32 am, Feb 13 2022
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Hello, I would like to give some suggestions on the Advanced Search feature.

It would be nice to be able to specify some additional criteria for the search:
- Year (as a interval, for example 1990 - 2001)
- User Rating, number of votes given.

If you want to, you could have a look at IMDb's Advanced Search for inspiration. It is very powerful (you could describe it as "feature complete" ).

Thank you for this great site, I hope you will appreciate these suggestions.


3:33 pm, Mar 23 2022
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Yeah, this sounds good. A lot more can be included in Advanced Search I think, something I'd also like is a number of volumes criteria(also in intervals like 5-8 volumes).

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6:33 pm, Mar 23 2022
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I personally would also like a "Only show manga on any of my lists" option, since there is already a "Only show manga not on any of my lists" one.

When tag/category searching for a series and you can't remember whether you completed/dropped/put it on hold/are reading it, it would reduce the subsequent searches needed by a significant amount.

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12:46 am, Mar 25 2022
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I second the date suggestion, I also would love it if we could search by volume length, or add tags with a number of ranges kind of like vndb (Very Short Length(2≤ Volumes) , Short Length(3-10 volumes) , Medium Length(11-30 Volumes) , Long Length(31-50 Volumes) , Very Long Length(50-100 volumes) , and 100+ Volumes

My 3rd suggestion would be the ability to search by publisher and by magazine/publication, so for example someone could filter and order the releases of hana to yume by date and genre if someone so desired.


10:07 am, Jun 7 2022
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I was thinking the same thing.

Also, the ability to search Year "ascending" instead of "descending", so older manga show up first and aren't cut off at the 100 page limit.

The back-end programming is simple:

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