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Obvious bad guy? Or a trap by the mangaka?

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8:57 pm, Apr 17 2015
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I'm up to chapter 29, just sayin.

Anyway, a lot of people think its the teacher, and the way the teacher acts makes it super obvious. However, the mangaka has clearly shown intelligence in his writing, and I feel this is just a trap.

As far as we know of the killer:

- The killer was a suspect but killed the little boy to throw the police off
- The killer/kidnapper has done this in previous towns, presumably framing people along the way
- The killer stalks and knows his targets very well, including the people who he frames.
- The killer is an acquaintance of the MC's mom, or knows her personally.
- Seems to have connections with police/politics, cuz he managed to orchestrate the arrest of the MC

Why it might be the teacher:

- The police thought the killer thought the boy was a girl, to make it look like the killer only targeted little girls, since the teacher knew the boy was a boy, this would make the teacher less suspicious
- The teacher would have knows the MC's mom
- The teacher acted weird about knowing where the kidnapping tools are (y'know, the place where Kayo was "kidnapped" by the MC)

Why it might not be the teacher:
- The teacher decided to help Kayo, why, to throw them off?
- He is SO OBVIOUS, that it a lot of readers thinks ITS A TRAP BY THE MANGAKA TO THROW OFF READERS

Feel free to add more speculation. But let me be honest here, for fucks sake as someone who's read a lot of literature, if you know the author is smart, then obvious bad guys like the teacher are just traps, fuck.

That said, who could it be?

There are few males that the mangaka has introduced us to:

- Yuuki (but we know he's innocent)
- Sawada (Can't be, since MC's mom confided in him about meeting with the killer)
- MC's boss (but he doesn't make an appearance in MC's childhood, but he is one of the few people who would have orchestrated the arson on the teenage student's house, few people knew where her room was etc, he could have pretended to save her)
- Teacher (Most likely candidate to be killer, most likely candidate to be a plot device to trick us)
- Yuuki's dad (He knows about some loner children, but he wouldn't frame his own son, would he?)
- The blond detective kid's dad (Nah, he's a lawyer trying to get the killer in prison)

Who else could it be?

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7:36 pm, Jun 4 2015
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So it turned out to be the teach but I don't think he was the one who killed the kids, just kidnapped them and bring them to another guy who does the killing. Wish it would update faster the suspension is killing me

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3:43 pm, Jun 9 2015
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The teacher loves loli(pop)s, this is so obvious bigrazz
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Seriously, if it was the teacher then, how after many years, they infiltrated the police?
Usualy in this kind of stories the criminal is a loner disturbed individual, but if there is a criminal circle, it's another story, but then disturbed individuals don't work in groups.
the teacher said it's a borrowed car, this means either they are borrowing a car to commit a crime, or the car belonged to the culprit and the culprit is related to the teacher.

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5:45 am, Aug 21 2015
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Well, so much for the teach being too obvious to be the killer. I guess the mangaka gave too many clues.

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9:20 pm, Aug 21 2015
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- The blond detective kid's dad (Nah, he's a lawyer trying to get the killer in prison)

Ever played an Ace Attorney game? Fifty-fifty chance you're dealing with a murderous defense attorney/prosecutor/police officer at any given time. bigrazz

In all seriousness, I, like most others, suspected the teacher all along. As it turns out,
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we were right. The author definitely does a lot to mess with our expectations, though. I think the twist here -- or rather, the untwist -- is that he's so obvious we naturally assume he's a red herring. The author allows Satoru to get extremely close to Yashiro, dropping these huge clues all the while. We, the readers, are suspicious of these clues since we're in a direct position to doubt everyone. Satoru, on the other hand, has every reason to trust his teacher (and to want to trust him), which makes all of Yashiro's suspicious actions go right over his head. He doesn't consider him a suspect, and it's only when he realizes he's actually the culprit that his judgement about the subject clears completely, and he has the same reaction the readers have -- "it was so obvious!"

In any case, I'm not disappointed the teacher ended up being the culprit. The twist is pretty hard to pull off these days anyway, and I'm more interested in the how and why behind the incidents rather than the who. And I think the focus of this story in particular is more on the "taking down the culprit" aspect than on the "whodunnit" aspect. And that's perfectly fine with me!

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4:03 am, Nov 7 2015
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I'm still not sure how the teacher turned out to be
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working for the police years later.

but there is this something that just now blow my mind.
I was talking with a friend about time=change and how someone depressed although they think they are not changing and time is stop, but in reality they are living in the past stuck in a time-loop, reliving the same event in their mind and dreams.
so here i thought there are parallels to this, given that the manga is not sci-fi, what if this is all an allegory to this and it's not really about time travel, what if
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
this is all a dream inside a dream?

Remember when satouru listened to Airi mentionning
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Hindzuki's murder?

sure this sounds like a timeline change bc of time-travel, but it also could be a case of rewritting memory or dejavu? all of these could go both way.

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11:09 am, Nov 16 2015
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Why are people assuming that he works for the police despite being told that he's part of local government, he's the man with the "pin". He was simply a "witness" at the arrest. As for "borrowing" the car, that was a euphemism for the fact he stole it.

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