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Explanation on the story

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10:05 pm, Feb 1 2012
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So I'm not certain what actually just conspired in the story. So I will try to piece together what I thought happened.

Major spoilers, also long post

Spoiler (mouse over to view)

We begin the story with Du Ming meeting a beautiful lady named Zhang Qian. They begin their relationship by having long talks but they never fully become lovers.

Fast forward Du Ming is now a doctor at a hospital. He receives a letter about Zhang Qian committing suicide. Zhang Qian has difficulty accepting what happened and sometimes he sweats profusely.

During this time Du Ming learns one of his nurses was raped from one of her co-workers. She pleads with him to deal with the rapist. Du Ming decides to help her.

Du Ming decides to visit where Zhang Qian lived and he met her roommate. Her roommate was a slut and she revealed to Du Ming that Zhang Qian killed her self by hanging her self while sitting down. We learn why she did this in a flashback. In the flashback Du Ming and Zhang Qian had a conversation about death. That hanging oneself by sitting down achieves immortality. Which is why she hanged herself in such an odd way.

After this we witness Du Ming (in a flashback?) walking into a sewage facility. We see him looking at fat decomposing body which hints he probably murdered and knows that man.

Du Ming has also been helping the nurse by killing and incinerating her rapist so that no evidence is left behind. He still thinks greatly about Zhang Qian.

In the final chapters Du Ming is reading the journal and letter of Zhang Qian. We learn that Zhang Qian was an ideal beautiful student at her college. She met a wonderful guy and fell in love. However, the guy merely wanted to sleep with her as a bet and ended up raping her. She tells the school about what he has down and gets him expelled. However her family loses face and abandons her. The rapist gets revenge by having his friends gang rape her, leaving her forever scarred. Even after she is bullied intensively at school.

At the end it finally reveals that she slept with Du Ming's teacher in order to have him give Du Ming his Certificate of Graduation. Du Ming after recieving his certificate confesses to Zhang Qian. Zhang Qian however, rejects him for she was too impure for Du Ming. Du Ming runs away but somehow he realizes something has happened. (Somehow) Du Ming finds out that Zhang Qian slept with the teacher just so he could get his certificate. Du Ming in a fit of rage tortures and murders the teacher that had his way with Zhang Qian.

Fast forward a bit Zhang Qian somehow comes across the body of the teacher Du Ming murdered for her sake. She laments at how Du Ming who she idolized as being pure and kills herself. In the ending chapter the nurse ask Du Ming if he will ever get caught for murdering her rapist. He simply says we will be fine.


Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Zhang Qian was raped and abused
Zhang Qian helped Du Ming get his certificate to graduate and become a doctor by sleeping with his teacher
Du Ming confesses to Zhang Qian but she rejects because she fears she is too impure and he is too pure and too good to be with her. She doesn't tell him that she slept with the teacher.
Du Ming however suspects this and murders the teacher
Zhang Qian finds the body and commits suicide because the person she loved is now impure leaving her broken because Du Ming was always pure, but because what he has done breaks her spirit.

While this is all happening Du Ming is asked by a nurse to murder her rapist.

Extremely long post. So if anyone bothered to read it is this basically it? I was kinda confused at times.

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10:53 pm, Feb 1 2012
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i was surprised, I didn't think that the ending was the end. i thought there were more chapters.

The ending was really weird.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I thought he was gonna go crazy and kill that nurse who likes him...but instead he asks the nurse to 'be mine' ? what about zhang? I thought he was obsessed with her...

Ending kinda ruined it for me, it felt too abrupt and the characters seemed really out of character

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5:52 am, Feb 2 2012
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Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I also thought that Du Ming might kill that nurse; the ending was really unsettling. I agree with the explanations above, though it looks like he has still harbor some love to Zhang. I also think that he would be incapable of loving anyone at this point. Makes me wonder who was the most "pure" character in this story.

And what a beautiful artwork - there was some instances that I had to pause and drool at the art. I'm so happy this is finally completed after reading it three years ago. biggrin

Anyone read the original novel or have some info about it? Does Zhang Jing also have another series?

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6:45 pm, Feb 3 2012
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Nice summary but it lacks in the last chapter.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Basically the one who had raped the nurse was Du himself because he wanted to create a sinner who could be by himself.And secondly the nurse killed the doctor not Du Ming.I was confused at first also because the story shows us Du killing someone.But that was professor Wang who had made a deal to have sex with Zhang Quian so as to give Du his college decree.


8:39 pm, May 10 2012
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Oh, thanks so much for this forum post! I'm gonna re-read this again; it's so good & just to get more clarification.

panos, he raped the nurse in the last chpt? I missed that! That dude is more effed up than I thought!

I loved the ending; it was open-ended and makes u wonder, "Weeeeellll, given his history of murdering, I wonder if he'll kill this nurse too?" I think he eventually will, but remember, these two share a bond - the killing of that doctor that raped the nurse. Yes, Du Ming wasn't the ACTUAL killer, but he def. aided her (more like, planned everything for her to carry out the plan).

Man, this was a wonder read. I hope the author(s) will cont. in her career writing something deep & disturbing as this one. It's just so awesome! biggrin

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10:15 pm, May 10 2012
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haha yeah he definitely has a few screws loose up there bigrazz
but the conclusion i came to after finishing this manga was that
he only wanted someone who would love him and cherish him genuinely....the beautiful girl(forgot her name) stopped loving him when she found out about his crimes.
at the end he decides to make the nurse his next lover but it is obvious that she will soon follow in the footsteps of the girl who suicided
i think the guy is actually too simple minded, he wants love and he'll eliminate anything that stands in his way

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5:21 am, May 20 2012
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Just some more information, Du Ming was stalking Zhang Qian, which was why he knew she was with the professor. This is also why he was on the roof terrace the first time they met.

When you re-read the series, you realize that the timeline for the story is only a few days, compared to the years it feels like. This feeling is encouraged by the flashbacks weaved throughout the story. The day after the phone conversation between Zhang Qian and Du Ming, she travels back to the anatomy lab and discovers the professor. During the same conversation, she tells Ming to find someone that is just like him. So, he creates a situation where the nurse would become a murderer: while he watches, stalking someone anew.

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9:26 am, Aug 20 2012
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I think he had been killing for some time. Just look at how "wasted" some of the corpses were, they'd definitely been there for a few months or if not, years. I think he used some of his charm to buy his way past the security so he could cook up excuses if he wasn't supposed to be there.


9:23 am, Oct 11 2012
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in a country like china with i am guessing of course
paper work is an important daily exercise
like any other strictly controlled countries

and i hope every country write some form of reports
when it comes to hospitals
and burning of human remains

who would burn these bodies without asking some questions
where they come from
who put them there
who have access to it
does no1 ever go into these stoorage places?
and if there are more bodies than it is supposed to be
and we have had some murders

it feels very unrealistic that you could get away with something like this

the landlady for the 2 "girls"
would she not call the police on the good doctor
when his dreamgirls whore of a freiend just dissapears after him visiting?

seems like a really dumb story

im hoping the novel is alot better

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1:44 pm, Mar 27 2014
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There's one thing I'd like to add concerning Du Ming's dark, hidden side:

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
His fatigue, which is shown through his habit of oversleeping appointments, can be attributed to his nightly crimes, mainly murders and the disposal of the bodies at night. He has adopted a certain routine when it comes the act of killing (another trait to characterise him as a serial killer) which is illustrated by the case of Zhang Qian's roommate: First, he invites his victim to the anatomy lab. There he commits the murder and afterwards, he drains all the blood from the body with a vacuum tube in order to make the transport easier. Since it's a medical facility used to prepare anatomical specimen, nobody would suspect anything if there were traces of blood or bowel. Then he moves and drowns the bloodless corpse in the sewage to get rid of it.

This way of procedure along with his literary preferences bears witness to his psychopatic nature.

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6:01 am, May 29 2014
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I think that he did not rape the nurse in the "last chapter", he is the real rapist which was the bomb to the ending. He deals with anesthesia after all, which is the key as to why the nurse was puzzled why she only felt pain afterwards, when she woke up. Turns out the protagonist was the great orchestrator after all... eek

Post #769665 - Reply to (#566812) by VampireBanana
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6:01 am, Jun 9 2019
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I love this story, I mean it's quite slow paced, darting back and forth with its timeline, and how we get a clue little by little. My favorite part is Wao Yang and Du Ming interaction. It's sinister from the get go. Idk the very first time Wao Yang and Du Ming interacting is already a sexual harassment (lol) then fast forward, Wao Yang crying and Du Ming himself asking "Did someone do something to you?", I mean like lol wtf. Then we knew she was raped and the prep is none other than Du Ming himself. I mean what is he aiming for doing that? What is the purpose of that? To start a relationship? To secure his place as her lovers?

Well, he killed Wang Liang Pu because of his dastardly ways with Zhang Qian, then he killed Zhao Ying because of her trash-talking Zhang Qian. Then why he kinda guiding Wao Yang to kill Song Yang, with his weird talk about the hospital furnace leaves nothing even a trace of anything. Is it to make Wao Yang as dirty as he is? Because of Zhang Qian word's that there is no pure person in this world anymore? Is he interested with Wao Yang in the first place? Or is it just his effed-round-about way (because he is down to core only love Zhang Qian) to execute his plan? Does he have any kind of grudge towards Song Yang who died innocently, blamed for Du Ming's fault? Or is it just because Song Yang is unfortunate lad that he must die no matter what?

The last chapter is my fav chapter all the way, that little effed up Du Ming monologue that he's been stalking Zhang Qiao which is leading to their first meeting (Du Ming skipping classes just to met her) and etc, then Wao Yang and Du Ming started relationship to end all of it.

Like help I have so many question but nonetheless none of it answered. Call me crazy but I love that Wao Yang and Du Ming finally began a relationship. Stick your crazy weeny then she became crazy as well, both craziness cancel one way another. It's wrong but I can't help it, and the last page with his silhouette hovering her naked body, with an intense desire of lust and immoral thought, just gah.

nice read 8/10

Quote from VampireBanana
I think he had been killing for some time. Just look at how "wasted" some of the corpses were, they'd definitely been there for a few months or if not, years. I think he used some of his charm to buy his way past the security so he could cook up excuses if he wasn't supposed to be th ...

I don't think it was him who killed all those people? If I'm not wrong, Zhao Ying, Zhang Qian's roommate, said that place is Anatomy Room and the place where its full of corpse is where the body is preserved, so thats why that Wang Liang Pu's body is almost the same as it is when Du Ming killed him. But idk maybe its his killing maybe its just a preserved room.

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