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Could whoever's adding MTL'ed English titles to manhua please stop...?

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8:26 pm, Oct 7 2021
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I get you're trying to be helpful and cover bases, and the sentiment is appreicated, but it's honestly just meaningless clutter half the time. Like, look at this nonsense:

This Is Regard as What Illustrated Handbook of the Whole Country! (这算什么江湖图鉴!)
Your One Smile Has Already Sweetly Inverted My Eight Teeth (你一笑就甜倒我八颗牙)
The Sea King's Mistress With Three Thousand Pamperedness (海王奶奶三千宠)
Project of Raising Child of Lunar New Year Enthusiast (年下控的养崽计划)
The Emperor Allowed Me To Be Husband And Wife (帝君许我做夫妻)
Genius Double Treasures: Tsundere Ex-wife Holds to Return Home (天才双宝:傲娇前妻抱回家)
Serpent Monarch's Debt of Gratitude Payment (蛇君的报恩)

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