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Looking for name of this josei romance manga

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10:13 am, Feb 7 2022
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I'm looking for the name of a josei manga where the FL is a smart but emotionaless college student who is a loner. She wants to feel the rush of love. In exchange for trying to help her find that feeling, she takes in a playboy whose friends don't want to deal with his freeloading ways. There's also a love rival that developes with another nerdy college boy from an Otaku club the girl is involved in.

It's a little older and only part of the scantalations have been completed. If anyone knows the name of this one that'd be greatly appreciated!

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12:54 am, Feb 20 2022
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I Want to Round You Square?

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5:55 am, Feb 21 2022
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Definitely sounds like this one. It just recently ended and it's still available to read for free on the official Gamma app😊

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