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6:41 am, Jul 28 2018
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The mc is a male, maybe 20-30 years old, I forgot what is his job. He lives alone.
Then there are 2/3 young orphan girls (iirc orphans, siblings, the oldest maybe in middle school / still in grade school), I forgot the detail but the mc decided to let them stay for 1 night or so then they have to go. But at the end of chapter 1, he decided to let them stay with him either permanently or until they can find a place where they can move to (iirc at least).

The manga is Seinen iirc.
Not Papa no Iu Koto, just in case.

I don't know if there's chapter 2 of scanlation release since in the 1st chapter the scanlator said he/they didn't intend to pick the manga.

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3:56 am, Aug 10 2018
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It might be “Ohayou Toka Oyasumi Toka”. The man is their older brother but I remember him letting them stay for a night then felt guilty for kicking them out.

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1:48 pm, Aug 17 2018
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Oh yes, that's the one!
Thank you very much!! OwO

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