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Post #680132 - Reply to (#673909) by scsijon
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1:32 am, May 21 2016
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Quote from scsijon
Over the years most manga readers 'tastes' change!
?Has yours:-

1- Totally gone onto another 'path' from when you started;
2- Just become broader in genre;
3- Stayed mostly about the same, with a few 'sidesteps' added;
4- Got narrower in subject matter read;
5- Love too change, but time doesn't permit;
6- What's taste to do with it, I just read them.


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Post #680150
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7:33 am, May 21 2016
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Are you more inclined to read manga that...
...has been adapted to other mediums? an adaptation of other mediums?

I don't know how to properly word this. In both cases you get in contact with the story first through other mediums (anime, movie, game, book, etc.) and THEN you find out that either
1) the source material is a manga,
2) there is a manga adaptation of the anime/movie/game/book/etc.
And I would like to know which option holds more appeal to be read.


1:30 pm, May 22 2016
Posts: 189

I am not sure if the general manga public's awareness is big enough for this yet but I figured with all of the JoJO animes coming out since 2012 the manga might be well known enough to do this poll.

Who is your favorite JoJo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?
1: Jonathan Joestar
2: Joseph Joestar
3: Jotaro Kujo
4: Josuke Higashikata (Part IV)
5: Giorno Giovanna
6: Jolyne Kujo
7: Johnny Joestar
8: Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)
9: I can't pick one
10: Who's JoJo?

How does this sound as an idea?

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8:50 pm, May 22 2016
Posts: 63

Reasons you would not read a manga (online ratings, reviews from friends, bad summary, not your favorite genre, etc)

Best accessory and/or fashion item for a character (glasses, necklace, bracelet, cane, umbrella, headphones, bookbag, weapon, hat, etc)

(I think this might have been done before): what would your role be in a shoujo manga (female lead, male lead, female friend of female lead, male friend of male lead, love rival, the teacher or authority figure, the character that explains everything, etc) or in a shounen manga (hero, antihero, rival, enemy, enemy-that-is-actually-a-good-guy, sidekick, etc)?

I believe that the best mangas are still out there, waiting to be discovered.

6:02 pm, May 25 2016
Posts: 3

Q: you would drop a manga in a heartbeat for a main character that's..


How about it?

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7:12 pm, May 26 2016
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I apologize if this has already been suggested, but I'm really curious about it... It generates quita a lot of heat in some manga forums, so I'll completely understand if it's not taken up on.

Q: What do you think of Yaoi/BL/Yuri/GL manga?

-I hate them.
-I wish they didn't exist.
-I don't really care.
-I'm actually fine with them.
-I'm ok with the milder forms. (BL, GL)
-Hate Yaoi/BL, love Yuri/GL
-Hate Yuri/GL, love Yaoi/BL
-I don't read them, but I don't mind they being there.
-I read them occasionally, no big deal.
-I love them. (or one of the types)
-I wish there were more!

PS: If you guys do choose this, feel free to change the words you think should be changed. I don't want people to argue over this. T-T

Post #680400 - Reply to (#674348) by Lost Rabbit
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12:32 am, May 28 2016
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Quote from Lost Rabbit
Been a while since I've posted anything in the forums...
There's a good chance that this has been done already, so please lmk if this is the case to which I can see the results from the past poll.

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Post #680415
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7:27 am, May 28 2016
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I don't know if a poll like this has been done before, but...

You've ended to read your favorite manga and you see that this manga has been licensed for a future release in your country. You...:
- Pass.
- Buy each volume in the moment they are released.
- Buy the volumes in groups of two or three when they are available.
- Buy all of them when the last volume is released.

Maybe more choices can fit this poll. and maybe you can add choices like "I'll buy two of each volume when they are released".

If there is any misspelling, sorry. English is not my first language.

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Post #680555
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12:56 am, Jun 1 2016
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I've noticed that popular series have a ton of categories (anything remotely related to a small thing in the series or a bunch of insignificantly different ideas like "enemies become allies" vs "enemies become friends") while others will have a few... while super unpopular series may have at most 10. Categories are nice but sometimes you have to pause a bit when you see the category "green hair" in a series like one piece (luckily it's not there anymore)...

What's your ideal amount of categories for a series?
- Anything and everything relevant to the series
- Anything, but voting will determine the most important categories anyways
- Only categories that are significant in the identity of the series
- Only a little bit is necessary/slightly more info than just the genres
- I don't read categories (spoilers or don't care)

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Post #680657 - Reply to (#675110) by TAK3Z0
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1:24 am, Jun 4 2016
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Quote from TAK3Z0
Your favorite mangaka made a manga mainly focusing on genre you really dislike, What will you do?
-He/she is dead to me
-Ignoring it,I am just waiting for his/her next work
-If by time it'll go popular I may check it out
-I'll give it a try
-OMG he/she made something new, can't wait reading it


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1:44 pm, Jun 4 2016
Posts: 1204

What's your favorite electronic devices to read manga?

- desktop computer
- laptop / notebook
- ipad / tablet
- smartphone

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Post #680923 - Reply to (#675568) by Kogeki1
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12:43 am, Jun 11 2016
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Quote from Kogeki1
"Are you okay with guys with long hair in anime and real-life?"
"Yes real-life but not anime, Not real-life but yes anime, Both, Neither"

If I remember, we'll do the cross-dressing one next week

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Post #681135 - Reply to (#675674) by BooXx
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11:18 pm, Jun 17 2016
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Quote from BooXx
I was thinking we all have favourites and preferences, but what about things we dislike?

My suggestion is:

Which genre do you avoid most when reading manga/watching anime:

Obviously these options were just off the top of my head, but I thought it would be interesting to see what people try to avoid watching/reading smile smile smile

Hmm, I'm surprised we never did this one before

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Seinen is RIGHT

6:32 am, Jun 20 2016
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Anime + Manga and religion
The cliché is that Fantasy or Sci-Fi fans are less religiose, which are BIG genres for comics. Let´s find out! I am:
Regularly practicing a religion
Religiose but not regularly practicing
Struggling with a religion

Do you read European comics?
I want to see a 1 to 1 repeat of my "Do you read American comics?" but with EU comics to close the loop. The last option should be changed to: Do film / TV adaptation count? (These exist, you will see.)

Lapsed manga readers
Have you ever fully and consciously stopped reading manga?
I have no big gaps in my habit
For multiple weeks
For multiple months
For a year or more
For multiple years
I may have stopped for good

Lapsed anime watchers
The same poll but with anime.

Sound Effects translations
Our "boss" once made a poll about sound effects but it lacks numbers, so let´s ask on a weekly and larger scale. Sound Effects should be:
Left unchanged
Left unchanged with a mandatory footnote
Always translated and replaced
Depends on the genre
I barely notice either way

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I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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10:13 am, Jun 24 2016
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Well, I'll admit this a stretch and I don't know if this has been done before, but:

Would you rather:

Read an inferior manga
Watch an inferior anime
Read an inferior comic/graphic novel
Listen to an inferior audio drama
Read an inferior novel
Watch an inferior tv show
Watch an inferior movie
Listen to an inferior music album
Play an inferior video/pc game
Play an inferior visual novel
Watch an inferior play

Originally I used the word bad but it looked weird, it looked like it was saying that it's a morally wrong piece of media. Inferior doesn't look right either....-_-

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