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Post #792184 - Reply to (#790216) by jacob66
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11:33 pm, Aug 14 2021
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Quote from jacob66
In your opinion when it comes to convicts a prison’s main job is to:

-punish them

-rehabilitate them



A just ruler amongst tyrants

1:55 pm, Aug 20 2021
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What's your least favorite post timeskip One Piece arc?

- Fish-Man Island
- Dressrosa
- Zou
- Whole Cake Island
- Wano Country


12:26 pm, Aug 22 2021
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I've been curious about whether changing the precision of the question and the possible replies to the Trolley Dilemma will get you different answers. I saw a version of it recently in the webtoon The Boxer (a better version, in fact), and that got me thinking. So here we go:

You wake up in the middle of a long trip in a trolley to find yourself alone in the car. Everyone else, including the conductor, jumped off when they realised the brakes had stopped working, but now the trolley is moving too fast downhill for you to jump off. You notice a junction ahead: downstream of it, four unknown people are tied to the current track. If you change tracks at the junction, instead of killing them, the trolley will kill just one unknown person tied to the other track downstream. What do you do?

i. Minimising human loss increases general happiness, so I change tracks and kill just one.

ii. I choose not to commit second-degree murder and leave the four to their fate under the trolley. Not my fault.

iii. Reasoning that it's just a chance event that I even woke up before passing the junction anyway, I toss a coin so I don't have to decide.

iv. This question is too artificial to have a bearing on real-world ethics, so either choice is valid and I'll do whatever I feel like doing on the spur of the moment.

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Post #792402 - Reply to (#790282) by Crowned_Cumber
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7:50 am, Aug 28 2021
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Quote from Crowned_Cumber
Since we are getting dark with these: if the person you care about most did something that would land them on death row would you rather they escape or be killed for their crime.


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Post #792408 - Reply to (#792402) by lambchopsil

9:13 am, Aug 28 2021
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The way the poll is formulated implies you know what happened? If you're keeping the original meaning of of the question, are you assuming the horrendous (henious?) crime has already been judged and sentenced to death for it? or is it still being judged (some countries don't even have death sentences).

Post #792413
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12:01 pm, Aug 28 2021
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How do you prefer scanlations to be translated?
- Traditionally translated by a person
- Machine-translated (f.ex. google translate, deepl, etc.)
- I don't care.

Post #792528
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12:03 am, Sep 4 2021
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Someone invents teleportation (instantly breaks down the object and reassembles it somewhere else). If you use it on yourself is it still “you” that comes out on the other side?

-yes, the body is the same so it’ll be connected to the same “soul”

-no, you are your body, what comes out on the other side is just a copy its not “you”

Post #792535 - Reply to (#790354) by jacob66
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9:55 am, Sep 4 2021
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Quote from jacob66
Kind of a dark one but:

Do you think that if a pharmaceutical company found the cure for cancer they would hide it or release it?

-hide it, there’s more money to be made treating a disease than curing it

-release it, it’s the holy grail of medicine so there’s no way they would hide it


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Post #792618
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Slowly going

5:16 pm, Sep 7 2021
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What hurts more?

Stubbing your toe
Hitting your funny bone

Post #792627
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11:08 pm, Sep 7 2021
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Lately the discussions in the comments section has made me reeeeaaaally not want to interact with anyone here, so instead of just complaining about that, here's one that I want to see how people explain themselves

The answer to this poll is No

Or for one with probably more substantial discussion
When playing a game with customization, how do you customize your character?
-Default Character or like the "canon" character if there is one
-Like yourself
-How you wish you would look like
-Whatever looks good or fits your aesthetic
-An existing or original character
-Depends on the game
-What customization?

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Post #792658

1:33 pm, Sep 10 2021
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1. Would you rather be rejected without really trying your best, so you have less emotional investment and can easily move on, but may never get a clear answer on the what ifs
2. Would you rather be rejected after putting your best self forward, so you have no regrets and get a sense of relief, but feel hurt more deeply and may not fully recover?

Always 1
1 in personal relationships, 2 in societal relationships
2 in personal relationships, 1 in societal relationships
Always 2

societal rejection would mean like a job telling you you're not capable enough, or the media telling you you're ugly, or the adults saying your aspirations are stupid, or generally being prejudiced against. leaving it up to you to reword/shorten the question haha

Post #792667

11:59 pm, Sep 10 2021
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Which is better: Omegaverse or Mpreg?

Post #792676 - Reply to (#790544) by jacob66
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12:24 pm, Sep 11 2021
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Quote from jacob66
More news has been popping up about commercial space travel so i thought of this:

If u could go on a trip to space right now, 100% free and safe, would you?



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Post #792791 - Reply to (#790649) by superspartan177
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10:53 am, Sep 18 2021
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Quote from superspartan177
Q4 (Personal favorite Question)
Do you like Chicken Nuggets in different shapes or are they all the same in your heart?

- Dont like Chicken Nuggets
- Love Chicken Nuggets any shape or form
- Like shaped Chicken Nuggets
- Dont like shaped Chicken Nuggets

I'll take inspiration from this one

A just ruler amongst tyrants

10:54 pm, Sep 18 2021
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What types of comics do you mostly read nowadays?

- Japanese manga
- Korean manhwa
- Chinese manhua
- English webtoons
- English comics
- Equal Mixture of some choices above
- Other

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