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Post #797963 - Reply to (#794008) by jacob66
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10:12 am, Jun 25 2022
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Quote from jacob66
Best/worst excuse for having a loli/shota as a romantic partner in a manga/anime:

-no excuse, it is what it is

-they’re way older than they look

-they’re not human (vampire/elf/etc)

-they’re an adult that’s age regressed


A just ruler amongst tyrants

9:15 am, Jun 29 2022
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In case it hasn't been done before...

If you could live inside of a manga world, which genre would you live in?

Categories could be limited from those presented in the website itself like:
Gender Bender
Slice of Life
or whatever sounds decent.

Post #798082 - Reply to (#794120) by Astrowoud
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9:36 am, Jul 2 2022
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Quote from Astrowoud
Is avatar the last Airbender an anime or cartoon?

-What is this for question? Of course this is anime!

-Are you crazy? It’s obviously a cartoon!


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Post #798124

4:34 pm, Jul 5 2022
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This one is inspired by the typical creepy pasta of the severed hand that chases you.

You can make a wish , but if you make it, someday an immortal snail will start chasing you. It knows where you'll be and how to get there. Anything it touches dies.

You make the wish.
You make a wish with the snail in mind.
You don't make the wish.

Post #798176
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8:52 pm, Jul 8 2022
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In honour of the student/teacher relationship so common in manga, how about ‘have you ever had a crush on a teacher?’. I’d be curious to know whether this is actually a thing, since I’ve never heard of it happening (but nor have I had any hot teachers).


1:46 am, Jul 9 2022
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If you could be transported to another world, but not be OP would you go?

Post #798187 - Reply to (#794195) by icassop
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12:11 pm, Jul 9 2022
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Quote from icassop
Weird, there has never been a pet poll. So here goes...

Do you have a pet?
- Dog(s)
- Cat(s)
- Bird(s)
- Fish
- Rodents (mouse, squirrel, guinea pig, etc.)
- Reptiles (snake, lizard, turtle, etc.)
- Insects/arachnids
- Farm animals (chicken, horse, pig, goat, etc.)
- Multiple types
- (Currently) No pets

I'm surprised we never had this either

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #798283 - Reply to (#794237) by Sosseres
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8:43 am, Jul 16 2022
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Quote from Sosseres
Does the reputation of the recruiting company matter to you?

Saw a discussion about people blacklisting Facebook.


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Post #798313
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4:33 am, Jul 18 2022
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How do you feel about translations that are heavily localised (i.e., where it makes sense, the character speech sounds uncannily like something you’d hear in real life)?

⚪️ It sounds cool! I wish it was done more often
⚪️ I like it, but I don't want its usage become widespread
⚪️ I don’t really care for it, but it does suit some manga better
⚪️ I don’t like it, I wish all translations would just stay completely literal

Last edited by Afiaki at 2:14 am, Aug 2 2022

Post #798314
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5:04 am, Jul 18 2022
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And an interesting follow-up:

What is your feeling about how translation should generally be performed?

⚪️ Concisely, translating the overall meaning but not necessarily in a literal way
⚪️ Literally, favouring a verbatim translation over a more effective understanding
⚪️ Context-wise, modifying some meanings so readers can understand more easily

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8:43 pm, Jul 19 2022
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Seeing as it seems we're all dealing with extreme heat right now:
Best way to chill out in the extreme heat is..
- swimming pool and/or water activities
- ice cream/treats
- sitting in the shade
- blasting air condition
- lots of ice cold drinks
- all of the above
- I don't chill out, I love the heat!

Please take all above measures, sans the last one, to keep cool with these hot temps. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and don't try to exercise or work outside too much.

What was your 1st childhood game console manufacturer?
- Commodore 64
- Sega (genesis, Dreamcast, etc.)
- Atari (2600, 5200, etc.)
- Nintendo (NES, SNES, 64, game cube, game boy, etc.)
- Sony (PlayStation)
- Microsoft (XBOX)
- PC (Steam, GOG, or CD ROM games)
- other
- I don't play video games

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Post #798350 - Reply to (#798346) by Karonhioktha

4:00 am, Jul 20 2022
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If a story has multiple adaptations, which do you do first?
-live action
-whichever was the original

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Post #798411 - Reply to (#794571) by Afiaki
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11:28 am, Jul 23 2022
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Quote from Afiaki
What do you think about scanlation groups continuing a series if it becomes licensed / gets an official translation? Should fan scanlation continue if an official release becomes available?

⚪️  Yes, it's not a problem
⚪️ No, it's unacceptable / unethical
⚪️ If the official release is too slow, then yes
⚪️ Only if the official release is not available online
⚪️ It's okay so long as the scanlation release has a lower image quality

This, but with less nuance

Last edited by lambchopsil at 11:31 am, Jul 23 2022

A just ruler amongst tyrants

11:40 pm, Jul 26 2022
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If you were ever "isekaid", would you rather become...

1) The main protagonist
2) The villain
3) A mob character

(Are there too few options?)


If you could be "isekaid", would you?

1) Absolutely
2) Never
3) Only if I can return to my original world

Alternatively part 2:

If you were ever "isekaid", you would prefer to be...

1) Reincarnated into the character's body
2) Summoned as yourself

Not sure if anyone has done these before, but just going through my isekai phase right now lol.

Post #798487 - Reply to (#798350) by Midlife_otaku
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3:48 am, Jul 28 2022
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Quote from Midlife_otaku
If a story has multiple adaptations, which do you do first?
-whichever was the original

I'd also add a "live action" option.

Last edited by ForeignerChan at 3:48 am, Jul 28 2022

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