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Post #798524 - Reply to (#794657) by Midlife_otaku
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1:15 pm, Jul 30 2022
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Quote from Midlife_otaku
How old were you when you started reading manga?

-7 and under


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #798534
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2:31 pm, Jul 30 2022
Posts: 162

Would you consider having a place to live(house/apartment/etc.) a basic human right like clean water, freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness?

Post #798563

12:22 pm, Aug 1 2022
Posts: 60

How do you tell the time when you're outside?
- I use an analog wristwatch
- I use a digital wristwatch
- I use a smartwatch
- I use a mobile phone
- I ask random people
- I try to look for a clock
- Other

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3:10 pm, Aug 3 2022
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Which character archetype would you be?
(Options are ofc character archetypes like tsundere, etc.)

Post #798621 - Reply to (#795672) by Afiaki
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5:12 pm, Aug 6 2022
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Quote from Afiaki
What web browser do you use?

⚪️  Android
⚪️  Chrome
⚪️  Chromium-based
⚪️  Edge
⚪️  Firefox
⚪️  Gecko-based
⚪️  Internet Explorer
⚪️  iOS
⚪️  Opera
⚪️  Safari
⚪️  Samsung
⚪️ UC/QQ

Some options do overlap a bit, but they are really useful to ask
...pls >~<


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7:21 pm, Aug 7 2022
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What Scanner job would you like to learn how to do if you had unlimited time?

*scanner jobs*


Which Manga Do you think is the most underrated?


If you had to go to prison forever - at what age would you want to go to prison?


Should we ban issekai as a genre forever now?

Post #798661
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8:39 am, Aug 8 2022
Posts: 162

Say you get trapped in a time loop where you repeat the same day (like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”). How long do you think you would last before you start to lose your mind?

-3 days

-1 week

-1 month

-1 year

-10 years

-100 years

-1,000 years or more

-I don’t think i would ever lose my mind

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2:20 pm, Aug 8 2022
Posts: 132

I would love to see some kind of question about how well known it is that you like manga. For instance, in my case, only my husband, sister, and a few close friends know. Curious if it's only me that hides it from most people 😛

Not sure how to phrase, but something like this:

How many people around you know you like manga?
- 1
- 2-3
- 4-5
- 5-9
- 10+
- everyone around me knows
- no one knows except me

Post #798717 - Reply to (#795843) by AndelMartina
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11:11 am, Aug 13 2022
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Quote from AndelMartina
Not sure if this hasn't been done before (sorry if it has):

If you could choose what you want to be reincarnated as, would you choose to be born as:
- a man (I'm a man)
- a man (I'm a woman)
- a woman (I'm a man)
- a woman (I'm a woman)

Additional options like "an animal", "neither" etc. can be added, but will spoil the result. Why? Because if you take any group of people in my country and ask them this question with these options, you usually end up with the same result (won't spoil what that result is). I'd like to see if you get the same result on an international level 🙂


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Seinen is RIGHT

11:58 am, Aug 17 2022
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Favourite Best Selling Protagonist

These are the protagonists of the 10 bestselling manga of all time. Who is your favorite?:
- Conan Edogawa
- Duke Togo (Golgo 13)
- Hanamichi Sakuragi (Slam Dunk)
- Kankichi Ryotsu (KochiKame)
- Monkey D. Luffy
- Naruto Uzumaki
- Nobita Nobi (Doraemon)
- Shin-chan
- Son Goku
- Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
Manga-Masters, My ANN-Lists + Imdb
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Post #798835
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9:51 pm, Aug 19 2022
Posts: 162

Got this idea from the whole isekai MCs wanting cola joke.

For some reason (insert plot here) mankind can’t make anymore carbonated drinks (cola, root beer, sparkling water, etc) of any kind, what we have left is it. Eventually there is only one bottle of cola left on earth and it’s up for auction; how much does that bottle sell for?








12:33 am, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 81

How many reviews have you made?

Please disregard this suggestion if there's no easy way to count one's review history.

I'm a jack of all trades but master of none. Too many jars and not enough hands.
Post #798847 - Reply to (#795933) by purfect_kutie64
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9:28 am, Aug 20 2022
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Quote from purfect_kutie64
Not sure if this was a question before.

How long have you been a member of MangaUpdates?
*Not a member.
*Less than a year.
*1+ years
*5+ years
*10+ years
*Since its creation.

Just wanted to see how many loyal members we have still visiting the site. I'm on 13 years. Planning to still be here when I'm a pickled raisin tbh. Thank you for being active and keeping the site going strong after all these years, lambchopsil! 🤣


A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #798857
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4:27 pm, Aug 20 2022
Posts: 37

Page 200... it’s been 10 years since page 100 was hit.

Well, I can only really say one thing, lambchopsil: thank you. The time and effort you dedicate to MangaUpdates and to its community is truly amazing to me.

Why do you mainly come to MangaUpdates?

⚪️ My Lists (tracking)
⚪️ Searching for stuff
⚪️ Updating the database
⚪️ Finding new series with all the tags
⚪️ Recruiting for my scanlation group
⚪️ The forums (community)
⚪️ For the polls!
⚪️ Just lurking

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5:43 am, Aug 24 2022
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In fact, the topic of the survey was about manga, and not about household chores 🙂

What is the coolest action manga of 2022

-Rave Master
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Akatsuki No Yona / Yona of the Dawn
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Fire Force
-Blue Exorcist

I love manga and anime, that's why I created my first site, welcome 🙂 -->
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