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3:11 pm, Nov 3 2022
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Have you ever had surgery?

-no never

-I’ve only had minor work like stitches or filling a cavity

-I’ve had moderate surgery like fixing a hernia or a broken bone

-I’ve had high level surgery like a heart bypass or brain surgery

Post #799748 - Reply to (#799684) by lambchopsil
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3:19 am, Nov 4 2022
Posts: 4

I eat pancakes almost every week, and waffles are very tasty but I eat them rarely, both are good ig

Post #799750 - Reply to (#799736) by jacob66

6:59 am, Nov 4 2022
Posts: 81

Where would an appendectomy land? It's classified as major surgery, but is usually a fast, oft-practiced procedure with minimal (around an inch) incision size. It is emergency life-saving surgery... but would it he considered a high level in this potential poll? Takes about a month to get back to walking normally because you don't want to reopen the spot an organ used to be.

I'm a jack of all trades but master of none. Too many jars and not enough hands.
Post #799769 - Reply to (#797858) by Stellar Sovereignty
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10:25 am, Nov 5 2022
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Quote from Stellar Sovereignty
at what point you think the battery is low and need charging


A just ruler amongst tyrants

6:26 am, Nov 10 2022
Posts: 17

Hi all, it's me again! Thanks for using my polls previously =D
Today's question is more generic.

What is your favorite day of the week?
- Monday
- Tuesday
- Wednesday
- Thursday
- Friday
- Saturday
- Sunday

I'm just curious since it depends on several factors (students will probably prefer weekends, working adults may prefer their rest days, and so forth).

Alternatively we can do a "what is your favorite month of the year" but I'm too lazy to type out the twelve months lolol. That's it for now!

Edit: I suddenly rmb! Idk why all my polls have sth to do with food, but another qn (personally curious lol) :

Pineapples on pizza. Yay or nay?
- Yay!
- Nay 🙁

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2:29 am, Nov 12 2022
Posts: 81

Do you think you could write or draw (or both) a story good enough to get published?


I'm a jack of all trades but master of none. Too many jars and not enough hands.
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Come and Go

8:32 pm, Nov 13 2022
Posts: 385

What is your favorite hour time of the day?
- 00-03
- 03-06
- 06-09
- 09-12
- 12-15
- 15-18
- 18-21
- 21-24

We could shorten the list into ;
- 00-06
- 06-12
- 12-18
- 18-24


5:08 am, Nov 14 2022
Posts: 3

Think of your favorite hero :

what is his/her best quality ?

-something else


9:23 pm, Nov 15 2022
Posts: 11

If it hasn't been suggested before,

Are manga getting worse or better over time?

- Worse
- Better
- The quality has remained around the same

Compared to a decade ago, if helps make it more specific.

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10:35 pm, Nov 16 2022
Posts: 1

What often keeps you from finishing or catching up with a manga series?

-Characters: poorly written, boring, or unlikeable

-Plot: bad writing, incoherent, barely there, poorly executed, took a turn i didn't like, or got boring

-Problematic or controversial themes (did not want to see or hated how they were covered)

-The quality or style of art changed

-Like falling out of an exercise routine, I missed a few episodes and then at some point stopped reading (no hate on the series)

-“My favorite character(s) died! I can’t go on like this!”

-Busy with real life, then I just never got back to it, forgot the plot

-Some other reason

-NOTHING CAN STOP ME! I started and I must finish through to the end! No matter what!

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7:16 am, Nov 17 2022
Posts: 17

Idk if this has been asked before but:

Will you go to jail for ten years for a billion dollars?

- Yes
- No
- I'll throw a coin to decide

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6:46 pm, Nov 18 2022
Posts: 162

Here’s a topical one:

Do you think black Friday deals have gotten worse over the years?

Post #799961 - Reply to (#799958) by jacob66
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1:28 am, Nov 19 2022
Posts: 151

Quote from jacob66
Here’s a topical one:

Do you think black Friday deals have gotten worse over the years?

Jumping off jacob's suggestion:
What is your most anticipated wish list item for Black Friday?
- Tech & electronics
- Non-tech hobby-related (e.g. crafts, books, exercise equipment, toys)
- Clothes & accessories
- Body care & cosmetics products
- Household goods & plants/gardening
- Something else
- I don't need anything
- I need things but Black Friday's not the best time to buy them

Post #799973 - Reply to (#797875) by jacob66
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4:00 pm, Nov 19 2022
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Quote from jacob66
Have you ever encountered/dealt with a “Karen”?

-what’s a “Karen”?

-I’ve only seen videos/articles about them

-I’ve seen one accosting someone I don’t know (store employee, police officer, etc)

-a friend/relative/neighbor of mine was accosted by one

-I’ve personally been accosted by one

-“I find that kind of labelling hurtful and unfair. I demand to speak this site’s manager!”


A just ruler amongst tyrants
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11:34 am, Nov 20 2022
Posts: 60

When you see or hear "Conan," what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Detective Conan (1994 manga still ongoing to this day)
Future Boy Conan (1978 anime)
Conan the Barbarian (pulp fiction fantasy hero)
Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes)
Conan O'Brien (American talk show host)
Other/None of the above

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