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10:07 am, Nov 21 2022
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From your top ten favorite manga, how many are on hiatus?
0 (None of them)
1-2 (A couple of them)
3-5 (Some of them)
6-9 (Most of them)
10 (All of them)

If you get hit by truck-kun, what color would you prefer it to be?
I'd prefer not to be hit by truck-kun...
Doesn't matter as long as I'm isekai-d into an awesome world.

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Post #800077 - Reply to (#797908) by Afiaki
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12:48 pm, Nov 26 2022
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Quote from Afiaki
What is your biggest problem with low quality scan releases?

⚪️ Bad English or grammar
⚪️ Poor font choice and typesetting
⚪️ No cleaning or SFX translation
⚪️ Small, low quality images
⚪️ Misleading or incorrect translations


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2:23 pm, Nov 28 2022
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Nearly missed this month > - < it's so busy...

Where are you from?

⚪️ North Africa
⚪️ South Africa
⚪️ East Asia
⚪️ South Asia
⚪️ Southeast Asia
⚪️ Central America
⚪️ North America
⚪️ South America
⚪️ Eastern Europe
⚪️ Western Europe
⚪️ Middle East
⚪️ Oceania

Or more simplified:

⚪️ Africa
⚪️ America
⚪️ Asia
⚪️ Europe
⚪️ Middle East
⚪️ Oceania

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6:02 pm, Dec 1 2022
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Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
I'll do it anyway.
Why should I do it then?

Post #800193 - Reply to (#798020) by gambitdragon
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4:51 pm, Dec 3 2022
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Quote from gambitdragon
In case it hasn't been done before...

If you could live inside of a manga world, which genre would you live in?

Categories could be limited from those presented in the website itself like:
Gender Bender
Slice of Life
or whatever sounds decent.


A just ruler amongst tyrants

7:23 am, Dec 10 2022
Posts: 17

It's me again! I was just rewatching an old episode of Tom and Jerry so:

Do you prefer Tom or Jerry?

- Tom
- Jerry
- I dislike both
- I like both equally
- Who are these Tom and Jerry??

Post #800313 - Reply to (#798176) by hkanz
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11:00 am, Dec 10 2022
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Quote from hkanz
In honour of the student/teacher relationship so common in manga, how about ‘have you ever had a crush on a teacher?’. I’d be curious to know whether this is actually a thing, since I’ve never heard of it happening (but nor have I had any hot teachers).


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11:10 pm, Dec 11 2022
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An older manga set in modern times is being newly adapted into anime. What time period should the anime be set in?
-Same as the manga's original setting
-Same as the anime's release year

I should try to explain this poll better. Can't think of any better way to do it than by examples.

Hoshi no Samidare
The manga was released between 2005 and 2010, while the anime was released in 2022.
In the manga, people have flip-phones and even chunky CRT televisions, which is pretty normal for 2005.
In the anime adaptation, they have smartphones and flat-screen televisions.

Magic Kaito
This manga originally started in 1987. There is an anime adaptation that aired between 2014 and 2015.
Once again, consumer technology was updated to reflect what was considered the latest at the time.
However, they also updated the character profiles to reflect the newer time period. Many of the characters are high school students, so instead of being born in the 1970s, they were now born in the 1990s.

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This is my signature! I only post on the forums to make poll suggestions, and to ask for manga suggestions. I am only interested in Japanese manga. I am not interested in non-Japanese media at this time. (Last updated 03 JUN 2023)
Post #800402 - Reply to (#798346) by Karonhioktha
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11:15 pm, Dec 17 2022
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Quote from Karonhioktha
What was your 1st childhood game console manufacturer? Or, what console was your 1st video game played on?
- Commodore 64
- Sega (genesis, Dreamcast, etc.)
- Atari (2600, 5200, etc.)
- Nintendo (NES, SNES, 64, game cube, game boy, etc.)
- Sony (PlayStation)
- Microsoft (XBOX)
- PC (Steam, GOG, or CD ROM games)
- other
- I don't play video games


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3:35 am, Dec 19 2022
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What sector/industry creates the best or most memorable advertisements?
- Medical
- Automotive
- Food
- Military
- Government
- Entertainment
- Charity
- Scam
- Personal Health
- Insurance
- House/Garden

Personally, there are two local businesses who regularly played entertaining ads on regional television stations. And honestly, the one company made what I argue are the funniest ads ever run: An actor with the perfect shock/horror look on his face going through several commercials where his house ends up damaged or destroyed in various, exaggerated ways as he makes a futile attempt to stop the destruction.

Sadly, no one has uploaded them to YouTube. I miss those ads greatly.

I'm a jack of all trades but master of none. Too many jars and not enough hands.
Post #800475 - Reply to (#798350) by Midlife_otaku
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11:33 am, Dec 24 2022
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Quote from Midlife_otaku
If a story has multiple adaptations, which do you do first?
-live action
-whichever was the original


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3:10 am, Dec 31 2022
Posts: 41

On the eve of 2023, I sincerely hope everyone has a great new year. I wish you all the best.

What is your favourite pre-2006 planet (except Earth)?

⚪️ Mercury
⚪️ Venus
⚪️ Mars
⚪️ Jupiter
⚪️ Saturn
⚪️ Uranus
⚪️ Neptune
⚪️ Pluto

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Post #800556 - Reply to (#798563) by 8-3
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2:24 pm, Dec 31 2022
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Quote from 8-3
How do you tell the time when you're outside?
- I use an analog wristwatch
- I use a digital wristwatch
- I use a smartwatch
- I use a mobile phone
- I ask random people
- I try to look for a clock
- Other


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10:48 am, Jan 2 2023
Posts: 54

Which basic written English mistakes that proofreaders let slip make you cringe the most?

a) "there is" with unambiguously plural complements (there's people)

b) Improper homophones (reign in, loose control, unphased)

c) Mistaking the possessive pronoun and the "to be" contraction (they're/their, your/you're)

d) Improper past and participle forms (the sun shined, he got beat)

e) "Of" instead of "have" (could of)

f) Plurals using the genitive case (plural's)

g) Are these mistakes?!

h) I eat MTL for breakfast, so anything goes.

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Post #800664 - Reply to (#798661) by jacob66
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12:29 pm, Jan 7 2023
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Quote from jacob66
Say you get trapped in a time loop where you repeat the same day (like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”). How long do you think you would last before you start to lose your mind?

-3 days

-1 week

-1 month

-1 year

-10 years

-100 years

-1,000 years or more

-I don’t think i would ever lose my mind


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