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11:10 pm, May 12 2023
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If a fire broke out in your house and you're the only one there, what is the first thing you'd try to save?

1. My anime collection
2. My manga collection
3. My games collection
4. My books collection
5. My movies collection
6. My phone and laptop
7. My important documents (ID, cards, school work)
8. Other accessories (jewelry, money, etc.)
9. My house
10. Me, myself and I

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Post #802256 - Reply to (#799938) by how_d_i_get_here
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11:01 am, May 13 2023
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Quote from how_d_i_get_here
What often keeps you from finishing or catching up with a manga series?

-Characters: poorly written, boring, or unlikeable

-Plot: bad writing, incoherent, barely there, poorly executed, took a turn i didn't like, or got boring

-Problematic or controversial themes (did not want to see or hate ...


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12:15 am, May 14 2023
Posts: 146

Does the length of a summary ever cause you to avoid a story?

)Yes, 2-3 medium-sized paragraphs is the limit.
)Yes, if the summary tells its own story to set up the story.
)Yes, if too many details are given and I can't keep track of it.
)Occasionally, depends on how I feel.

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2:50 pm, May 14 2023
Posts: 14

Which three will most likely help you make a decision to try a new manga/manhwa/etc.? *Popularity includes rank and comments. *Status includes completed/ongoing series and # of chapters.

1. Title, cover, summary
2. Title, summary, genres
3. Summary, genres, popularity
4. Summary, popularity, status
5. Status, popularity, genres

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9:53 am, May 16 2023
Posts: 10

How long are the manga you read the most?

- short, I like to read manga that have less than 50 chapters
- medium, somewhere between 100 and 200
- long, best manga I read are longer than 300 chapters

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8:55 pm, May 18 2023
Posts: 329

School life settings in manga. Which do you prefer?
- preschool/kindergarten
- primary school/elementary school
- middle school
- high school
- undergrad university years
- grad school university years
- i'm too cool for school settings

Edit: Forgot trade school.

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Post #802379 - Reply to (#799961) by energizerbunny
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10:27 am, May 20 2023
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Quote from energizerbunny
Quote from jacob66
Here’s a topical one:

Do you think black Friday deals have gotten worse over the years?

Jumping off jacob's suggestion:
What is your most anticipated wish list item for Black Friday?
- Tech & electronics
- Non-tech hobby-related (e.g. crafts, books, exercise equipment, toys)
- Clothes & accessories
- Body care & cosmetics products
- Household goods & plants/gardening
- Something else
- I don't need anything
- I need things but Black Friday's not the best time to buy them


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11:17 pm, May 21 2023
Posts: 74

Where do you enjoy shopping the most?

-General Stores (e.g. department stores, warehouse stores, daiso)
-Flea Markets/Garage Sales
-Online Shopping Platforms (ebay, amazon,fb marketplace, craigslist)
-Niche Stores/Hobby Shops

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11:50 pm, May 22 2023
Posts: 35

How old were you when you started reading manga?

- Under 10
- 10-12
- 13-15
- 16-18
- 18-25
- 25-30
- 30-35
- 35-40
- 40-45
- Over 45

I presume that most people start reading manga when they're fairly young.

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Post #802452 - Reply to (#799998) by 8-3
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6:30 am, May 27 2023
Posts: 10538

Quote from 8-3
When you see or hear "Conan," what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Detective Conan (1994 manga still ongoing to this day)
Future Boy Conan (1978 anime)
Conan the Barbarian (pulp fiction fantasy hero)
Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes)
Conan O'Brien (American talk show host)
Other/None of the above

Oddly specific...

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2:23 am, May 31 2023
Posts: 47

What's your preferred layout for reading manga?

⚪️ Single page
⚪️ Double page
⚪️ Long strip
⚪️ Horizontal strip

Post #802556 - Reply to (#800124) by Afiaki
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11:55 am, Jun 3 2023
Posts: 10538

Quote from Afiaki
Nearly missed this month > - < it's so busy...

Where are you from?

⚪️ North Africa
⚪️ South Africa
⚪️ East Asia
⚪️ South Asia
⚪️ Southeast Asia
⚪️ Central America
⚪️ North America
⚪️ South America
⚪️ Eastern Europe
⚪️ Western Europe
⚪️ Middle East
⚪️ Oceania

Or more simplified:

⚪️ Africa
⚪️ America
⚪️ Asia
⚪️ Europe
⚪️ Middle East
⚪️ Oceania


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8:27 am, Jun 6 2023
Posts: 22

Do you prefer episodic manga or ones with a clear continuous plot?

Also thought of a second one,
What is your ideal manga length?
≈ 10ch
≤ 50ch
≤ 100ch
≤ 200ch

-Sincerely, six angry cats in a trench coat
Post #802670 - Reply to (#800345) by 8-3
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8:17 am, Jun 10 2023
Posts: 10538

Quote from 8-3
An older manga set in modern times is being newly adapted into anime. What time period should the anime be set in?
-Same as the manga's original setting
-Same as the anime's release year

I should try to explain this poll better. Can't think of any better way to do it than by examples.

Hoshi no Samidare
The manga was released between 2005 and 2010, while the anime was released in 2022.
In the manga, people have flip-phones and even chunky CRT televisions, which is pretty normal for 2005.
In the anime adaptation, they have smartphones and flat-screen televisions.

Magic Kaito
This manga originally started in 1987. There is an anime adaptation that aired between 2014 and 2015.
Once again, consumer technology was updated to reflect what was considered the latest at the time.
However, they also updated the character profiles to reflect the newer time period. Many of the characters are high school students, so instead of being born in the 1970s, they were now born in the 1990s.


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11:17 am, Jun 11 2023
Posts: 86

There's an anime adaptation but it hasn't caught up to the manga yet. What are you most likely to do?
- Watch anime, switch to manga and start where the anime has ended
- Watch anime, switch to manga and read from the beginning
- Watch anime, wait for next season, ignore manga
- Started manga before anime release, switch to anime and stop reading
- Started manga before anime release, watch anime and read manga in parallel
- Read manga only, ignore anime

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