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4:55 pm, Mar 13 2010
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Your favorite manga series has just been cancelled. You:

-Cry and think of the good times.
-Accept it and move on.
-Become really angry.
-Don't really care.
-Go back and reread the series.
-Start a (useless) petition
-Get your gun.

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5:07 pm, Mar 13 2010
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If Scanlations suddenly ceased to exist, what would you do?

- Stop reading manga.
- Start buying manga.
- What?! It will never cease to exist! Blasphemy!
- Revive it.
- Learn Japanese

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11:33 am, Mar 18 2010
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When a car stops and lets you walk across the street do you wave back at them as a sign of appreciation?

1. Never, why should I?
2. Not if it's a green light
3. Occasionally
4. Always

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1:59 pm, Mar 18 2010
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You are the protagonist of a shounen manga. Are you...
1) the Motivated One, who wins through hard work & persistance? Gambatte!
2) the One with a Hidden Talent, who motivated by a love/rival/hero rises to the top?
3) the Clever One, who bored out of their mind, decides to take over the world?


4:29 pm, Mar 18 2010
Posts: 122

Continuing the "Manga rereading" poll...

What media would you most likely reread/replay/rewatch?
1. Novels
2. Manga and Comics
3. Anime and TV Shows
4. Games


9:44 pm, Mar 18 2010
Posts: 49

whats the longest you can go without reading your favorite manga assumeing it comes out 1 time per week?
1. 1 day after it comes out
2. 2-7days after release
3. about two weeks after release
4. ill just wait till the end of the month so i can read a couple of chapters

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11:28 pm, Mar 18 2010
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Coffee or tea?
Neither \(O-o)/

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1:47 pm, Mar 19 2010
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dunno if this has been done but...
Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, Black, White Gray, Tan, whatever colors i missed

fakku is doing that same poll right now... just a coincidence

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Site Admin

6:51 pm, Mar 19 2010
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How about what kind of music do you listen to?

And to get the types that will be asked, you could make a thread on suggestions that should be included. Though, you'd need to add something along the lines of "I don't like music" since there are weird people that actually don't like any form of music no

My suggestions:

Classic Rock
Metal (Heavy/Death)
Spoken Word
Chants (think Gregorian chanting but that's too specific and partial to a particular religion)
Soft Rock

These are probably the most common types, but there are others which should be taken into consideration... Hence the thread idea would be good.

Oh, how about another demographics poll on gender. We had one in 2007 and another in 2008; so, why don't we have another to see how the site is in the year 2000... and 10.

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2:32 pm, Mar 20 2010
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Quote from morphin007
When do you choose to read a manga scanlated ?
- Directly from the starteven if there is only one chapter out.
- Only if there is more than one or two volume out.
- Only if there is many chapters out and if there is few times between each releases.
- Only if it's fully scanlated. I hate waiting for releases !
- I don't care, i read japanese.
- I prefere waiting for the serialized version in my country

(i m sorry if it was already write in this thread bigrazz )
(and sorry for my poor english, you can modify like you want if you choose this pool)


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11:44 am, Mar 21 2010
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What do you when you feel the manga is becoming wordy? Meaning too many words in one page by two or more characters, like reading an essay with supporting images *exaggerating*

- Stop reading the whole manga
- Skip the page
- Do selective reading
- Try to read still
- Read everything from top to bottom

Last edited by scarlet2life at 2:34 pm, Mar 21 2010

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12:03 pm, Mar 21 2010
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How do you get your manga? (Not sure if this one was made before...)

-The scanlator's website/forum
-Hosting Sites
-Online reading

Do you use your lists?

-Only the reading list
-Just the default lists
-I use ALL the lists & make custom lists.
-...We have that option?

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1:21 am, Mar 24 2010
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[b] If you found out your life was like a manga/anime, you would want it to be...
and the answers can vary from being manga/anime series name or genres etc

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1:31 pm, Mar 24 2010
Posts: 75

you found a Death Note, you...

-uses it
-keep it but don't uses it
-keep it and hide it
-destroy it
-give it to someone
-trade it for something else
-ignore it
-What the heck is a death note?
-burn it for your bonfire

If a mangaka ask you to create a story and/or plot to a manga, would you do it?

-Hell yeah
-no, i don't have any good idea for a story
-sorry but no, no time or it troublesome
-what?.....(confused or shock)
-yes but i need time to think of one

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11:41 pm, Mar 25 2010
Posts: 149

If you encountered a bishoujo/bishounen in real life, what would you do?

a) go into 'stalker' mode
b) ignore them (on purpose)
c) go up to them directly and introduce yourself
d) act like a different person around them
e) fail to take any action whatsoever

... for better or worse, haha. I'd love to get results for this poll. smile

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