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Manga like act-age

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12:45 am, Oct 31 2018
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I am hooked with this manga act-age

It is about a girl who wanted to be an actor and she do have some hidden talent here and there
And with every chapter, there’s always more talent that we all discover

Do you guys have any suggestion that similar to this
I am okay as long as it have a theme that is similar to actor with superb talent part

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3:18 am, Nov 3 2018
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I think a lot of the themes in Kasane (MATSUURA Daruma) reminded me a lot of Act-AGE. Idk but I’ve always associated the two mangas together.

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Post #765283 - Reply to (#765063) by alyyang123

3:48 am, Nov 13 2018
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Yeah!! I love kasane too... That superb talent mc have when they dive into the world of acting

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8:57 am, Nov 14 2018
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If you don't mind shoujo Skip Beat and Glass Mask which you probably already read. Skip Beat takes a while to start rolling but watching Kyouko get into character is the best part about it and the reason I haven't given up on it yet despite how frustratingly slow it is.

Why isn't there more manga about acting, it's an overlooked genre :'(

Post #765470 - Reply to (#765343) by ms_nobody

4:47 am, Nov 18 2018
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Well, I actually haven’t read skip beat yet, haha.. i guess this is the time to binge it
I know right!!! More manga about acting

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