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Berserk vs Claymore

What do you think about Claymore vs Berserk?
Love them both
Hate Claymore (Can't be compared to Berserk)
Hate Berserk (Can't be compared to Claymore)
Hate them both
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Post #795926 - Reply to (#365824) by grandexeno
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Come and Go

10:01 pm, Feb 26 2022
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Quote from grandexeno
Well for me it isnt really proper to compare the 2 titles: i mean, one is a seinen, the other is obviously shounen-ish. The similarities are restricted to "manga with big swords swordsmasters", not much more.

Anyway, I love them both but if you ask me, its Berserk my favorite one. I only ho ...

Hopefully he is fine and did not go insane. 😶


7:18 pm, Jul 26 2022
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Both are masterpieces, i just like claymore more.

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11:51 pm, Jul 26 2022
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I like how Claymore goes. As far as a story goes, Claymore is a whole, complete story. It doesn't attempt to be what it isn't even if the author can easily expand if he wanted to. I love its ending and I love overall how the story develops. Claire was never too strong nor too weak, strength-wise she is so-so but her wits and her use of her kit made her on par with higher ranked claymores. As for Berserk, although I have to admit that I don't fancy it's over-gored theme, I can't really say that I hate either. As much as my difference in flavour goes, Berserk is still an amazing piece of fantasy work. Well it's not that Claymore is lacking gore actually. But maybe Claymore gets more into me since proganist were heroines. Anyway, because of lacking better option, I voted I love both, since while I don't quite like Berserk actually, but there I don't hate it either.


2:34 am, Jul 27 2022
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I like them both as excellent examples of Dark fantasy mangas with good character developement and fights.
In Berserk I like the historical research to create the world and how it points out the problems and the injustices created by class divides, aristocratic governments and instituzionalized misogyny, how it explores realistically what untreated PSTD does to people, the artwork and the magic system.
In Claymore I love how all the main characters are females who are proactive and capable and have different body types and storylines not related to male characters, how Teresa and a young Claire and adult Claire and Raki are the first an all-female and the second a gender-inverted well-written versions of the "badass and child duo" trope, the maternal feelings to a young protectorate even if they aren't biological mother-child duo, the strong female friendship, the rivarly not about getting a man's attention but about own power and abilities, the different techniques and how people can move on from prejudice and become more open.minded.

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