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Slime manhwa I've forgotten

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9:01 am, Aug 5 2022
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I remember reading a webtoon, there's this girl who took care of a slime from some cave or something with talismans or letter thingy hanging, the slime can change form into man, and the girl has a crush on his superior(?)and one time this slime changed into his form and fcked her, I remember the slime going into the girl's work and changed form into woman? or just a beautiful man?Yes its hentai, i remember also the slime fucking multiple people, woman and man with his tentacles and the people saying he's so good and begging him. even tho i didn't wnat to ask this since it will chop of half of my whole life's worth of pride, unfortunately its really bugging me...please help

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9:46 am, Aug 5 2022
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My Special Squishy Someone. No clue if this is it or not, but it does sound like it might be... Also, it was the only result when I searched for slime in manhwa...

Edit: Now that I've read it I can say with some certainty that this is the one you are looking for.

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