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how to train your dragon

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5:20 pm, Jun 9 2018
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Ok, I want to hear your thoughts about the new movie of this movie.
I think lightfury might be too simple, but I think she will be sassy and is great!

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7:43 pm, Aug 31 2018
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I think it will be an interesting movie, I really like how they have a time skip in each movie to show the characters growth and how time is actually going by. It's cool to see the characters age at the same pace as the audience. As for the lightfury, it will be funny seeing the reactions between toothless and her, I too think she will be sassy and awesome! Also, from watching the trailer I'm really liking Hiccups knew Armour/gear, it's pretty freaking cool and it looks like toothless is going to get a knew power/upgrade of some sort which is equally awesome!

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6:13 am, Nov 16 2020
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I loved it! It's like the Kung Fu Panda movies that it just gets better every single time. People have not given this film series a chance because it looks like it's for kids but that is far from the truth. Dreamworks has captured the feeling of Pixar movies that makes it for all ages.

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