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Psychological drama like Boy's Abyss

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2:28 am, Nov 19 2022
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Hi its me again, like the title says i'm looking yet again for a manga similar to it.

I've been reading Boy's Abyss for about 2 yrs now, and so when i was still really hooked to it, i did do some research and asked some peeps what manga should i read if i like Boy's abyss blah blah blah...

And yeah i did found some hidden gem(wow didn't use this word for ages) mangas like "3 days of happiness" and etc.

So i thought after a year has passed maybe a new manga like Boy's Abyss has been created/published, if so can i know about it? i really liked this type of manga, but i find myself liking Action/Fantasy genres these days rather than Romance/Drama now...

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