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Harudaki scanlation

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5:13 pm, Oct 1 2020
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hello. sorry to bother, but i would like to know how can i find Harudaki scanlation community. I see from the website they are active, and i'm interested in Haru wo daideita Alive, but i can't find a clue.
Please help me


8:23 pm, Oct 6 2020
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I typically find scanlation sites via a quick Google search. Some groups no longer have sites and are primarily through Discord, but have specific sites they distribute through; so, you might want to keep an eye out for that as well.

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8:41 pm, Oct 6 2020
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Harudaki was particularly anal about having their scanlations reposted elsewhere so they banned quite a lot of their users back in the day (Like, you had to do some specific tasks or you couldn't join/were kicked out.) As far as I know, they had a private IRC channel or something- I think you could access it via googling, as some forum posts mentioned... I'm not sure if they're as private now since those times though.

Post #791228 - Reply to (#782033) by kuroipon
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8:52 pm, Jun 13 2021
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Does anyone know if their releases can be read someway? Or it's impossible?

I've searched around but I can't see any way to access their Livejournal, despite pages saying it's been updated recently.


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Post #791308 - Reply to (#791228) by Flordeneu
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7:40 am, Jun 19 2021
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Not the more recent releases... if you visit their IRC channel, there's a notice that (due to ppl *still* re-uploading their work elsewhere), they would be limiting their new releases to their non-public server... but their LJ further states releases will only be shared with ppl that help with scanlations.

And about actually joining their LJ community, forget it... I've visited periodically throughout the past few years to see if they've opened up membership, but nope, nada. I used to be a member way, way back but didn't visit during the time that they were cutting down their membership & got culled. ๐Ÿ˜


9:14 am, Jul 18 2021
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yeah im lucky enough to be able to help with scanlation so i got to join them recently

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7:52 am, Feb 16 2022
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if they are that private and impossible to read anything by them by the average person, should they just be marked as inactive since they closed to the public in 2013?

Post #795800 - Reply to (#795759) by damec
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11:14 pm, Feb 19 2022
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It's been addressed to the mods, but they seem to be fine with it despite only a select few being able to access the scanlations.

No hate on them for having a closed group, but a fair amount of readers don't want their chapter updates on here because it just muddles the available stuff for the rest of us. I wholeheartedly agree. I sincerely want other groups to choose the same exact titles to scanlate at the same time so that their group is just made redundant on here and we only get updates for stories that are publicly scanlated.

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Post #800279 - Reply to (#795800) by TehShush

3:42 am, Dec 9 2022
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Totally agree. It's a desperate thing to know that you can't look at a scan when you know it's there, and it's a desperate thing to know that other groups will never scan it due to the closed groups, with all kinds of lock-ups.

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11:29 am, Dec 9 2022
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The last time I dug around for them a couple months ago, I saw a note on their Livejournal that projects will only be shared among the people who contribute to the project.

Whenever I see Harudaki as the only scanlators of a series, I just consider the work unscanlated. I totally respect their decision to keep their projects to themselves. I do wish they weren't listed on this site as a scanlation group, though, since there's no way to access them if you didn't create them. What's the point of being in a public database if everyone who can access the project already has it?

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