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What is this manga?

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10:35 pm, Aug 23 2018
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I was looking at the results of the Nico Nico Manga Grand Prix (or whatever it's called), and while I recognized the first two places, I didn't recognize what the third place was. I found the Mangaupdates page, Nishikida Keibu wa Dorobou ga Osuki, but it doesn't have a description of what it's about

So yeah, what's it about? Cause I looked at the first chapter, and it seems pretty interesting. Would probably be more interesting if I could read it

(ps, second and third place for the web category are really good, go read it)
(should I be putting this in "looking for?" I already know what the manga is, but I guess I'm "looking for" information about it?)


2:09 am, Aug 24 2018
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It's about a thief who's hiding among the police force, the inspector's heart being one of the things he steals. The inspector confesses that he wants to "catch" him, but the thief just thinks he's a creepy old man. The description describes it as being a heart throbbing tale of pursuit.

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2:26 am, Aug 25 2018
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Interesting, interesting. "Silly buttchin" is a character archetype I quite enjoy

Thank you very much!

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