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Remove private scanlation teams

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Morphed Hydralisk

1:21 am, Sep 1 2021
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this issue really needs more attention

Post #792481 - Reply to (#792461) by dalek

3:59 pm, Sep 1 2021
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You can check their livejournal here and message Minhha from the link there.

Post #792482 - Reply to (#792481) by YanaLiana

4:14 pm, Sep 1 2021
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Quote from YanaLiana

"Due to re-uploads on manga-aggregating sites, from now on releases will be shared with those who help with the scanlations only."

Post #794058 - Reply to (#792482) by ariarin

1:23 pm, Dec 7 2021
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what the.. So they are a group of friends who translate for themselves only. Then why are their updates here๐Ÿ˜•??

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3:09 am, Dec 25 2021
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What annoys me a bit is that mangas scanlated by Harudaki show up in the search as "completely scanlated" even though one has no chance of reading them anywhere. I've searched through the whole Harudaki website to find a way to read the Mangas (even if it meant joining them!) but by now I've since loooong given up and seriously, even if I were given the offer to "join" now I'd decline because I dislike this overly protective exclusive attitude.

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9:05 pm, Feb 13 2022
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bump, i agree with this suggestion and almost all points of arguments here, especially the ones about "sniping" and driving other potential scanlators away by user kihi. especially smaller groups who won't want any trouble with, or be dissed by more senior groups.

i think if it's only available for private release, it will be fine if everything, including the updates, are made private. because private groups don't want publicity anyways, and so the others who look for new series to read won't get the wrong idea. it's a win-win situation.

i won't ask private groups to release the scans publicly because that's their decision, but it's sad to see a series as "completely scanlated" in a public database but it's actually not public.

*edited because i actually worry if someone attacks me lol

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3:48 am, May 6 2022
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HARUDAKI DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY NEW MEMBERS SINCE AGES AGO. For years their members are static. I haven't seen their member number increase. I personally did try to join and pm that person and I was ignored, and even know people who try to join for YEARS, with ofc same result as me. They no longer accept people.
They should update their releases on their secret group to see, not here. Like what's the point exactly for updating here even? To discourage or misinform scanlation groups? Or annoy people? That's a horrible move. I already contacted and sent a request on baka to take action, I hope they take some action. The more people we are the better.


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Post #797249 - Reply to (#796965) by Angelique707

3:41 pm, May 17 2022
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I totally agree with you ! this issue need more attention. i wanna read a manga and searching for it , site says it's completed BUT I NEVER FIND THEM. its rly annoying...

Post #797265 - Reply to (#792481) by YanaLiana
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6:06 am, May 18 2022
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They only accept people who want to help in scanlation but not as readers.

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2:35 pm, Jun 17 2022
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I know this is my first post here, but I'm just sad that this place has a troll group listed.

I usually come here to check the status of the BL series scanlated into English, but I'm sick of seeing how Harukadi lists FAKE releases. Yes, this group that's on MangaUpdates regularly updating the series they work FOR THEMSELVES.

This meme group:

They don't let anyone outside their jerk circle get to read their work, which equals all of them being fake because they don't exist for regular readers who come here to see if the manga they want to read has been taken by a nice scanlation group with legit releases.

Can MangaUpdates just stop allowing Harudaki in this place? It makes everything confusing. Harudaki laughs at everybody every time they update their series here. Please, stop this ridiculous vicious circle and kick Harudaki from these lands.

I defy any people here to find an actual release by Harudaki. A single release that isn't 5+ years old. They have listed Beriko's latest works and a lot more, but where the heck are they? Are they invisible or something? C'mon. Harudaki is the biggest joke listed on this place and shouldn't be here. Only Julian Assange would be able to find their series. Maybe. Harudaki morons have even updated the series for April 1st, and they still are here? How? Really makes me think, man.

Sorry for the rant, but it seems like I'm not the only one sick of Harudaki and their troll releases.

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2:43 pm, Jun 25 2022
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I fully agree, this is supposed to be a database with information relevant to everyone who needs it, not a place to flex whatever their little circlejerk is doing. Please mods, remove their releases since they are not available to anyone but their own teammates and it's needlessly confusing for readers and potential scanlators alike.

Post #797970

6:24 pm, Jun 25 2022
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I don't understand why MU hasn't done anything yet. Is one of Harudaki members also an MU mod or something? Because it really seems like MU is backing up this private group for whatever reason. Or is it so hard to remove a group from the site?

Post #797972

8:44 pm, Jun 25 2022
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Completely agree with Pusheen and the others, this is absolutely ridiculous. It may also have an impact on licensing decisions. Harudaki really seem to be taking the piss. You don't see other private groups (of which there are many) doing this!

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10:30 am, Jul 20 2022
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I agree with everyone here. Harudaki needs to get the boot, yesterday. But it's not going to happen. They are a "special case" according to an admin, so they are allowed to log their phantom releases on here, when ANY OTHER GROUP with no public site or releases couldn't do so. That boggles the mind. Unfortunately, this site is not run by impartial robots but instead humans with biases. Are frustrations will likely continue.

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๋–ก๋Œ€์ˆ˜ supremacy
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6:27 pm, Jul 20 2022
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I would love to see an explanation from a mod/admin as to why private teams, Harudaki being the main one I'm familiar with, are allowed to post release updates.

tldr I tried to make it make sense but it doesn't make sense.

Let's say I scanlated a manga myself, didn't post it anywhere, but "released" all the chapters and marked it as completely scanlated. Since I scanlated this only for myself, I don't have a website, so I ask the mods for a site by site basis decision. The special reason I give is only people who helped scanlate get to read it so I'm not posting it anywhere and don't need a website.
Does that get approved?

Maybe instead of not posting a website, I post a password protected forum. Ok so I've fulfilled the database information requirement. (Even though a site you cannot access does you no good at all.) Am I still approved?

Another requirement is release verification. My scanlation hasn't been uploaded anywhere, there are no download links, and my only group information is a locked site. So obviously my release cannot be verified. In order for that to happen, a mod must either have access to my locked site where turns out I did post the manga, or I send the files to the mod directly. (A bit hypocritical considering my original special reason.) Or I am a mod. And now the release is verified, perfect!

That does not make any sense. The manga I scanlated was never released. I have no issue with people scanlating a manga and only sharing that with friends, you do you. But a private group should be private, not publicly posting scanlation status' on a site that people use, in part, to check releases when the group never actually released anything. It defeats the entire purpose of scanlation information.

And hiding a group's releases only hides them on the Releases page. It does not hide them in searches, or in lists. If I use advanced search to find completely scanlated works from my wish list, Mostunabe to Regent shows up despite the fact that I have Harudaki "hidden." I'm trying to find manga to read so that I can forget about my life for a brief moment, but I can't read Mostunabe to Regent because no scanlation has been released and now I'm even more depressed.

I'm currently reading Old-Fashioned Cupcake (love it highly recommend huge thank you to Kedama Scans for your work). Because Harudaki is also "releasing" scanlations, it will show up at the top of my reading list because it has an update! But that's a lie I can't read the next chapter the scanlation was never released.

And, for example, say I want to translate a manga so I go to advanced search and look for only works that have not been completely translated, everything that a private group has marked as completely translated will not show up in that search.

Sure it is convenient for private groups to use this site to organize their releases. And so thousands of people should just be inconvenienced so that a fraction of that can organize their private things? Why is their personal business showing up on my lists? Old people on fb sharing super personal information on public posts energy except a lot less funny.

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