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Sayaka Mogi's Horror Manga Pupa to End in December

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4:41 am, Nov 16 2013
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The December issue of Earth Star Entertainment's Comic Earth Star magazine announced on Tuesday that Sayaka Mogi's horror manga Pupa will end in the next issue on December 12. Mogi reported on her official Twitter account on Wednesday that the fifth and final volume of the manga is scheduled to ship in Japan in February.

The tale of "ultimate sibling love" follows a girl named Yume Hasegawa who turns into a monster. Her big brother Utsutsu becomes her living food supply.

The staff of the upcoming anime adaptation announced on Friday that the anime has been delayed from its original Fall premiere date to January.

Mogi launched the manga in the inaugural issue of Comic Earth Star magazine in 2011, and Earth Star Entertainment published the manga's fourth collected volume in Japan on September 12. The manga series has topped 400,000 copies as of the fourth volume.

Source: ogi-horror-manga-pupa-to-end-in-december

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6:36 am, Nov 16 2013
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Sorry about the unrelated comment, but in Polish "pupa" means "butt" and I spent several minutes thinking why the author would give a horror manga such a title before I realized he couldn't have known that (I'm sleepy and not thinking straight at the moment).

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11:57 am, Nov 16 2013
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It WILL be adapted to anime! That's good to hear. smile

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The hell is this?

2:53 am, Jan 5 2014
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I am a bit disappointed. It's cool idea and all, but the way it is executed is not cool at all. Cheep written aaaaaaaaaaaaall over it. Where's the story quality? sad

The hell is that?
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