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New Poll - Favorite Demographic

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9:50 am, Oct 11 2008
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Last time was genre, this time is demographic. 'Nough said. It'll either be shounen or yaoi that wins...

Discuss on the forums here:

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Favorite Genre?
Action - votes: 576 (4.8%)
Adventure - votes: 395 (3.3%)
Comedy - votes: 1345 (11.3%)
Drama - votes: 213 (1.8%)
Ecchi - votes: 1222 (10.3%)
Fantasy - votes: 586 (4.9%)
Gender Bender - votes: 881 (7.4%)
Harem - votes: 452 (3.8%)
Historical - votes: 121 (1%)
Horror - votes: 161 (1.4%)
Martial Arts - votes: 444 (3.7%)
Mecha - votes: 82 (0.7%)
Mystery - votes: 130 (1.1%)
Psychological - votes: 412 (3.5%)
Romance - votes: 2611 (21.9%)
School Life - votes: 317 (2.7%)
Sci-Fi - votes: 123 (1%)
Slice of Life - votes: 441 (3.7%)
Smut - votes: 750 (6.3%)
Sports - votes: 120 (1%)
Supernatural - votes: 372 (3.1%)
Tragedy - votes: 143 (1.2%)
There were 11897 total votes.
The poll ended: October 11th 2008

And romance wins! Followed by comedy...and then ecchi?...

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4:49 pm, Oct 11 2008
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Wouldn't some genres do that? I mean, some of the genres can also include other genres? Like romance can be found in school life, slice of life, tragedy, historical or I just don't know how to un-splice them after all..?

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Post #531777 - Reply to (#531776) by ratyz

8:02 pm, Oct 11 2008
Posts: 135

Am I the only one who felt this poll became skewed? It's one thing to privately "root for your favorite," but the comments about revoting under different IPs to artificially boost scores seems to undermine the entire point of polls like this.

Post #531778 - Reply to (#531777) by Coccyzus

12:21 am, Oct 12 2008
Posts: 224

I think it shows how devoted fans are too their favorites then. So if you think about this as a poll to see how much love people feel for their favorite genres maybe that helps?

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Post #531779 - Reply to (#531776) by ratyz
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5:32 am, Oct 12 2008
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It can be. But not always.
I love having romance in the stories I read, but not all slice of life have romance there, and same goes for the others.
Romance is an independent genre.

Ecchi's in the 3rd place? My my we have quite a lot of closet pervis here laugh

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7:17 pm, Oct 12 2008
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I'm somewhat suprised, I remember a poll saying that the majority of this sites users were male. Not that males can't like romance....

But romance/comedy/ecchi is good XD

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Post #531781 - Reply to (#531776) by ratyz
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2:46 am, Oct 13 2008
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Yeah, we know almost all manga are mixed genres. But I think the point of this poll is choosing a genre as a main focus in a story that one will like, or the major reason why one reads a manga. For example, if a historical theme lover may choose a romance or other types because it is historical, while may not read other romances that don't have a historical setting? I didn't take part in a poll but I would have chosen drama. I was surprised why so few people like drama?

Post #531782 - Reply to (#531780) by kawaiiairbender
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10:31 am, Oct 13 2008
Posts: 87

I think it's because the majority of girls will vote Romance, but the boy's vote would be split over all the other genres.

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4:44 pm, Oct 13 2008
Posts: 116

Did the poll get reset or was there something weird going on with my computer? I voted a few days ago but when I checked the site just now it showed that I could still vote. And I was logged in and everything!

Post #531784 - Reply to (#531783) by lys
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5:13 pm, Oct 13 2008
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u prolly have dynamic ip, so u can vote several times ^_^

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Post #531785 - Reply to (#531784) by moritana
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5:38 pm, Oct 13 2008
Posts: 116

Hmmm... It hasn't happened before though. (then again, I had some connection problems earlier today so maybe that reset some things...) Oh well, one extra vote for shoujo won't hurt anybody biggrin

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7:12 pm, Oct 13 2008
Posts: 122

Is what this poll is. Fangirls win, it appears, whilst everything else has its votes split into next week.

Personally, while it may only be in 3rd, I believe that in a tournament-style competition to decide the most popular demographic, Seinen would win. Shoujo could pull out a possible upset. Yaoi wouldn't pass the first round. Not a chance in hell.

And yet, there it is, leading the poll.


Post #531787 - Reply to (#531786) by Phayt
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12:46 am, Oct 14 2008
Posts: 1353

It seems to be that fanboys win - romance + comedy + ecchi is the result.

Post #531788 - Reply to (#531786) by Phayt

12:53 pm, Oct 14 2008
Posts: 6

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Have a good cry, why don't you? Whatever, just 'cause you don't like it don't mean that others are haters, too. Oh, and not all who read Yaoi are female, so in b4 "there are more guys than girls" lame excuses.

Post #531789 - Reply to (#531788) by dragon695

10:48 pm, Oct 15 2008
Posts: 224

I assume that more girls read yaoi than guys a lot more...

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