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Random vent

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5:35 am, Nov 1 2022
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I once posted about my sister who judges and go against me because I read GL & BL. But she told me that she recently start to read BL too because it seems fun.

The funny thing is when she asked me for BL recommendations without apologizing to me after what has she done when I read GL & BL. It was so unfair.

I also tried to avoid her because she forced me to read something that I don't want to. She said that she will tell my mom that I have a part-time job as a car washer and my mom can't know about this because she wants me to focus on my big exam (╥﹏╥)

I finally decided to read what she recommended me. Her excuse is that she don't have anyone to talk to. My daily routine not effected but I don't like how she blackmailed me. I admit she kind of toxic but I couldn't avoid her any longer as we live in the same house.

I honestly just want to vent this and want to know if anyone have siblings/friends like this. I will do something to solve this after I finish my big exam. Pry for me :^)


8:34 pm, Nov 4 2022
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that sounds nice
glad to hear everything is going so well

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