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"Berserk" author Kentaro Miura passed away

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9:03 am, May 20 2021
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I read somewhere that only a little was left until Berserk was finished. So sad... RIP Miura. You will never be forgotten. And thank you for gracing us with Berserk.

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10:20 am, May 20 2021
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I'm honestly so shocked. I was just starting to get into Berserk and nearing the middle of the manga days ago. I fell in love with the gripping story and the themes really struck a cord with me.

What hit the hardest was the theme of cherishing those close to you, and not pushing them away as you'll never know how much time you have together. That's what I took of Gut's guilt in the story anyway...

To find out this morning Miura died two weeks ago.

It's no less than a tragedy he passed before he could finish his Magnum Opus... and even worse for his loved ones to lose him. RIP Kentaro Miura you will be missed.

Thank you for our encounter~
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11:02 am, May 20 2021
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I'd sort of come to terms with the unlikelihood of Berserk being completed a while ago, but I also kind of assumed it'd at least be running for a long time to come. It's sad knowing that there isn't another chapter in the works, and sadder knowing that one of manga's greats passed away so young.

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3:09 pm, May 20 2021
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Dam I really would've liked to see it end properly.
RIP Kentaro Miura

Though, I will drop how I rated the series a bit since he rushed many things in the last ark (especially outside the island). I guess, that everything would've converged in a great finale.

But I don't think even the greatest finale, could've given a satisfactory answer to the skull knight's continuity in the story or how there was magic, but at the same time there wasn't (before the world tree) or the weird girl with clairvoyance. 😔

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3:14 am, May 21 2021
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I started reading Berserk, 12 years ago.

After hearing this news I was first sad, that we will never get to see Guts ending.

Egocentric, as a person has lost their life, I thought. But then I remembered all the good memories, all the smiles on the chapters after the hiatuses.

Thank you for that Miura.

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6:03 am, May 21 2021
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I was made known of the news of his passage yesterday. It is for fact a very sad news to me as a diehard fan. Been following his works for a decade and half. Now he'll never able to pen the finale of his Masterpiece, Berserk.
He was a master story teller matched by his mesmerizing art style. One of the very best.

Thank You and Rest In Peace Sensei.

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11:30 pm, May 23 2021
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May Miura-sensei rest in peace. He was one of the greats. Absolutely influential figure.

The world of Berserk has been so rich. It's been such a journey with so many possibilities and seems like it may remain just like that, forevermore. It's quite sad but poetic in a way. I was absolutely enjoying the last few chapters and everything about Elfhelm. We were close to get the full backstory of the Skullknight and important information about the Godhand, Void in particular.

What a loss. The world mourned his passing and many of us will keep a deep sense of respect and awe for his lifework.
RIP Kentaro Miura

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2:28 pm, Sep 7 2021
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The official YA statement attached to ep 364 in full, released on 09/10/2021. The final chapter Miura worked on. It concludes Vol 41 which will release on 12/24/2021. The possible final release of the manga, at least as we know it.

For all fans of Kentaro Miura

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Berserk readers for your continued support. The Berserk chapter 364 published in this volume is the last work of the late Kentaro Miura. We were able to carry on the manuscript he left behind and publish this time thanks to the dedicated support of the Studio Gaga members, who worked on Berserk together with Kentaro Miura over the years.

Also, we are delighted to announce the latest release of the comic book this December. We thank all readers for waiting such a long time, especially, in the circumstance where information was unclear and ambiguous.

This volume also serves as a special memorial to Kentaro Miura as his last manuscript. We decided to use his ink sketch for the cover specially this time, hoping to convey to all readers all his passion, which is so strong and fully perceivable even from the ink sketches.

We hope that you will feel the devotion that he put into his work. In creating this volume, we have grown deeply aware of how big and powerful Berserk was to us, just like the Guts’ Mighty Iron Sword.

We are deeply sorry to inform that there is no information to share about the future of the Berserk series at this time. One thing we can promise you is that as Young Animal, the publisher that has work with Kentaro Miura on Berserk, our first priority will always be placed on him—what he would think if he were still with us. Last but not least, we have a message for all fans from Japan and overseas. We have read all the letters that have been sent with great appreciation. We would like to express our gratitude to you once again for your continuous love and support.

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