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Ideal coupling

Whom would you rather have Tatsumi get with?
Forever alone
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6:01 pm, Jul 21 2014
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Yo, the most interesting couple is definitely Tatsumi/Esdese. All the other pairings are just too generic... Call me jaded but I think Tatsumi ending up with Esdese would make this manga one of the more unique ones and would definitely become one of the top manga series i have read. Esdese is such a radical character and if she ends up with MC, the story will be one hell of a ride.

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11:27 am, Aug 12 2014
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Obviously Esdese!!! She has some womanly charms behind her sadistic tendencies, has strong character and her own cute moments laugh laugh laugh

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5:03 pm, Aug 12 2014
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If they do, then i'll be happy because i prefer Akame and Tatsumi together ^.^

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Woodland Friendo

5:43 pm, Oct 5 2014
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For anyone that supports Tatsumi + Esdese, apparently there's this thing I randomly came across: -kill-gekijo-14th-short-movie-puts-cast-in-dating-sim/.79581

Anything remotely related to that relationship is why I've ever since felt incredibly conflicted bout the series... =/


12:10 pm, Sep 26 2015
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In a perfect world it would have been Esdese all the way. Her love and adoration for him was too cute but given the tragic backdrop of the plot and how they belong to opposite sides it's very unlikely to happen she might even get killed by hmm. So sad. I am not a great fan of Akame

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6:05 pm, Dec 14 2015
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Esdese sama.....would definitely make this a non forgotten manga. I actually dropped the manga when Tatsumi casually accepted Meine's confession....i was nauseated....and scared to start reading again cause i hate that pair so much!! Tatsumi could be with anyone else, but i hate when the MC is with a girl that originally dislikes him and doesnt see him as masculine until after seeing how popular they are with all the other girls then it becomes a competition for his "love"

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