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Becoming a cleaner (as in manga cleaner lol)

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3:00 pm, Jun 21 2017
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Don't know in which section I should put this, feel free to move this topic to a more suitable part if you want to.

I want to become a cleaner (or help those who need a cleaner lol), however, I don't have the necessary training. By other words, I haven't cleaned a single thing in my life but I'm willing to learn and help out.

I've seen some scan-groups that offer training, but these groups don't scan manga I'm particularly interested spending my time in (not interested in Shoujo/Romance/Josei/Hentai or anything along these lines).

So to the question: Where can I get this necessary training? Do you know of some scanlation group that offers training? Are they recruiting?

Thx for all the help.

Tchüss wink

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