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Phoenix Rising Above Evil Scans is recruiting

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6:58 am, Nov 20 2023
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PRAE Scans is recruiting:

Experienced Typesetters
Experienced Redrawers

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We're a small team solely dedicated to scanlating Cheating Men Must Die/Phoenix rising above evil. a world-hopping revenge-focused manhua where our MC, Su Lu Xia, beats the shit out of scums figuratively and literally! If you're a fan of this series (or interested in what this series has to offer), please join us!! We'd love your help!

Benefits to joining our team:
1) Flexible deadlines, we're only working on one series after all!!
2) Our members are very friendly and nice to talk to!!
3) That's about it really... maybe you can join us and give us more points to write on this list?
4) Oh and real life takes precedence!! We won't kill you for taking a hiatus/leaving entirely!! (but we might if you claim a chapter and leave us on read for more than two weeks...)

Please either contact me here, or on discord!
Join us at our discord!!

Note: PRAE Scans assumes no responsibility or liability for any heart attacks suffered during any reading of PRAE/CMMD, be it from how stylish our MC looks when she's punishing evildoers or from how maddening the antagonists' behaviour are.
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