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How's the translation from Baka-Tsuki?

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7:02 pm, Jan 29 2014
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I got interested in this novel when I read the few chapters of the manga that are out.
When I went on Baka-Tsuki, I saw that the first 5 volumes are "Full Preview".

Is it worth it to read those translation or should I wait for real translation?


7:08 pm, Jan 29 2014
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In terms of English, it's fine. Might be a couple of grammatical mistakes here and there but it's quite readable and well worth the time.

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11:03 pm, Jan 29 2014
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Thank you

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1:03 am, Jan 30 2014
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If you want a more in-depth look at how it's actually being "machine translated", go here.

That's the profile page of EnigmaticAxiom, the person who spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into those "previews". Basically, he wanted to learn the language, and this seemed like a fun and effective way for him to learn.

And he did. Currently, he says he doesn't need the machine anymore. Still needs a dictionary, but hey, there's 2000 freakin' moon-runes you gotta learn to be able to read proficiently, so cut him some slack.

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