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Categories (Tags) Bug Thread

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11:04 pm, Mar 12 2017
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Sooo, considering the gist of the discussion on this thread, I'd like to say that clearly, people find the need for tags like "Rape isn't considered as a bad thing", but a few people have very adequately put their points across regarding the need for a more appropriate tag

Quote from SilverStorm
Quote from Justiflake
lol man I can't believe people are whining over a tag on your fictional comic books.

You're damn right I will.

At the ultimate crux, the tag is subjective in nature. It's like allowing a tag called "stupid plot".

Quote from alexonxanax
What "Rape isn't considered a bad thing" describes is exactly that! That the story considers rape to be absolutely fine, except, that statement itself is a fallacy, since that is not upto the author/story to decide for the reader! In a particular setting, Rape may be used in various ways, but intrinsically- rape is sex without consent. The value judgement regarding it -whether the rape in a story "is bad or not" is upto the reader to decide. The Category cannot describe something that doesn't exist in the first place!

Say child marriages are common in a manga story. The setting of the manga may "normalize" it, but it's upto the reader to form a judgement about the concept of "child marriage". Thus a tag like "Child marriage is considered good/Child marriage is not considered bad" is a SILLY tag, which suggests lack of application of the mind.

And on this thread itself:

Quote from NightSwan
In a lot of shoujo and yaoi - relationships start with rape... and it's kinda glossed over.
I think in those instances, it might apply. But it should probably have a better name.

Quote from residentgrigo
What we need though are either new or definable -textbook definitions are the goal here- (porn) tags and not the 40th variation of rape.
Rape isn't Considered as a Bad Thing fails both criteria with flying colors.
Tags also only continue to pop up because everyone can invent as my many as they like and admins have slowed down the frequency of deletion of such.

Hence, I suggest we change the name of the category to "Rape is Trivialized" / "Normalization of Rape" where value judgements regarding such a scenario are left upto the reader to decide.


9:54 am, Mar 13 2017
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So, I happened to chance upon this tag while going through my own reading list today. The tag is "Character was drug" and after searching for the tag, i discovered that it's tagged for 3 different manga. All I can say about the tag is that it is unclear in what it is exactly, Character was Drug Addict? Character was Drug what?. As I didn't read the other 2 manga that got tagged with this, I can't be sure what exactly this the person who tagged these were thinking, but I just felt that this tags doesn't make sense. So, unless someone knows if these manga should be tagged under "Drug Abuse/Addiction", then please add them in and remove this tag. Thank you.

Edit:Not sure why the link isn't working x.x
P.S. Apparently, the link removes the : after the http for some reason, adding it back in makes it work :l

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4:06 am, Mar 14 2017
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Let´s put this mess to bed: Trivialization of Rape or Stigma Free Rape are what i got.

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6:03 am, May 9 2017
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I'm thinking of introducing some new tags that I think would really help people find the kind of series they're looking for. So what do you all think?

Mostly Male Cast: As it says, in these manga, male characters are in the majority and will usually be the appeal for the target audience. There may be some rare female character with focus but besides that, they'll just fill supporting roles. This is usually the case for reverse harems, shounen-ai and old school battle shounen.

Mostly Female Cast: The opposite of the above and are usually the case for harems or series that focus on moe appeal.

Gender Balanced Cast: Series that do well to divide the characters between each gender, usually to focus on variety.

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Seinen is RIGHT

10:51 am, May 9 2017
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Male Only and Female Only Cast would make more sense, as these are rare and 100% definable. The rest aren´t. Good luck defining especially the last one.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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5:00 pm, Sep 26 2017
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Sexually Active Protagonist :tags stories were the main protagonist of the story has sex at some point during the period covered by the story. Sex before or after does not count. The sex does not need to be "on screen". It just needs to have happened.

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou is a good example where, at a logical point in the main relationship, things became sexual without anything graphic. Not that there is anything wrong with graphic. I leave it to the reader to decide if the Bill and Lewinsky story or Shinju no Nectar deserves this tag.

Feel free to tag every hentai and smut story out there, but the tag is most helpful for other genres. Stories where the focus isn't sex, but the main character does have sex.

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9:02 pm, Oct 19 2017
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Can we merge Lovers Reunited with Reunited Lovers? Unless there's a difference I'm not seeing, it doesn't make sense to have two tags for this, though it'd probably be better to merge Lovers Reunited into Reunited Lovers for searchability when editing tags with the assumption that someone would be more likely to type out reunited when looking for this sort of thing.

Can the same be done with Childhood Friends Reunited and Reunited Childhood Friends? Unless of there's a difference here that I'm also missing of course.

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8:03 pm, Nov 1 2017
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When I click the "Seeing Things Other Humans Can't" tag, or the "Hearing Things Other Humans Can't" one in the list of tags on a series page, it'll lead me to a regular search page with a list of works with that tag. But, maybe because of the apostrophe, it is impossible to search that tag through the Search by Genre function. No results will come up. Does that make sense?? no no

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1:55 am, Nov 10 2017
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Can the tags BL Subplot and Boys' Love as a Subplot be merged together?
They are literally the exact same thing except that Boys' Love as a Subplot sounds too lengthy of a tag. (It'd be much better if it didn't have 'a' in the middle)
BL Subplot seems more of a generic and easy approach while searching for intended series.
As of now, Boy's Love as a Subplot has a total of 104 tagged series and Bl Subplot only 4.
It's up to the admins to choose which category name should be kept and what not but in my opinion, BL Supblot is the better tag as it's precise. The only edge 'Boys' Love as a Subplot' has is being the older one.

Also,before you guys decide to merge the tags, I'd like to point out the same issue @ohkimch has stated- that most tags with 'apostrophe' or other characters don't tend to show series if you're using the genre/advanced search. That's the only possible conclusion I've come to after typing the correct tag (punctuation, uppercase etc..triple checked) and still nothing showing up. It's time consuming to go through all the tagged manga while you could've easily sorted out the ones you wanted through genre search. (Btw, this has been a problem for quiet a long time)

So if you decide to keep the popular category (Boys' Love as a Subplot), then please fix the error in genre search function by tag. I would absolutely hate the tags merging and still not showing any series when I do an advanced search.
(But srsly tho, Boys' Love as a Subplot is a pain in the ass to type with all the apostrophe and abrupt space-uppercase-lowercase shit. <and yes, I do know that you don't have to be very particular about upper/lowercase stuff while searching via tags but why not make searching easier by not having unnecessary spaces and uppercase letters.>)
Thank you.

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7:52 pm, Dec 31 2017
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I think these should be merged:
Alternative Future - Alternate Future
Another World - Alternate World
Attempted Sexual Assault - Attempted Rape
Demons - Demon/s
Disciple - Disciple/s
Fate/ - Fate
First Time - First-Time Intercourse
Forrest - Forest
Half Demon - Half-Demon
Healer - Healer/s
High-School Student/s - High School Student/s
Honest Uke - Honest Uke/s
Jewel/s - Jewelry
Labyrinth - Labyrinth/s
Lion - Lion/s
Lolita - Lolita/s
Mind Break - Mental breakdown
Marriage Contract - Contract Marriage
Nightmares - Nightmare/s
Past Life - Past Lives - Past Life/ves
Pokémon - Pokemon
Protective Friend - Protective Friend/s
Public Relations - Public Sex
Reunited Childhood Friends - Childhood Friends Reunited
Reunited Lovers - Lovers Reunited
Secrets - Secret/s
Warriors - Warrior/s
Bike (I think this should be removed as it only has 2 mangas, 1 uses it as motorcycle/s and the other as bicycle/s)


10:06 am, Jul 8 2018
Posts: 4

I was thinking a category for male/female mech pilot pairings for things like Vandread and Darling in the Franxx (I am sure there are others that aren't coming to me off the top of my head) would be good to add if possible.

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11:03 am, Jul 8 2018
Posts: 250

I think the following are basically the same category:

Childhood Friends Reunited - Reunited Childhood Friends
Lovers Reunited - Reunited Lovers
Police - Police Officer/s
Falling In Love with One´s Best Friend - In Love With One's Best Friend

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1:00 pm, Aug 24 2018
Posts: 35

Probably i am a bumpkin, but is "webtoon" and "Web Comic" the same? It´s irritating that some Titles are tagged with both. Either there is a difference or one has to go ?

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I have another one "Full Color" ... It is the same, isn´t it?

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10:38 am, Mar 5 2019
Posts: 165

no need for isekai tag when there is the already the fantasy world tag and Transported to Another World/Reincarnated in Another World tags could also be used.

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2:59 am, Mar 21 2020
Posts: 197

I don’t think this thread is checked anymore but just thought I’d leave that the tags Korea and South Korea should be merged.

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