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New Poll - Lights while Sleeping

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Post #806762 - Reply to (#806739) by amy_levi
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🧁 Sweet

7:42 pm, Jul 10 2024
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Quote from amy_levi
Rofl, is this a question for kids? What kind of adult needs light to fall asleep?🤣

I'm one of those adults who like sleeping with lights on..
I mostly worked the night shift so I got used to sleeping with the sun 🌞 fully out.
Also when I sleep in the normal night time,
I still prefer to sleep with the lights on.

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6:22 am, Jul 11 2024
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I prefer complete darkness but since I have a wacky sleep schedule, any of the settings don't really get in the way with sleeping.

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12:04 am, Jul 12 2024
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I don't aim for anything in particular, though I know that daylight and room lights aren't great for quality sleep. I have slept in near total darkness and with the windows uncovered to get dim light and it's about the same for results. So... I'll vote darkness, but that's not really something I try for.

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Post #806770 - Reply to (#806761) by mallika23

11:03 am, Jul 12 2024
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I've heard that many people have nothing against a bit of light when falling asleep, but never heard that someone (adult) actually needs it. Quite interesting.

Post #806771 - Reply to (#806762) by yuri_shibuya

11:05 am, Jul 12 2024
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Seems like you're used to it, then. Very interesting, didn't know this exists. 🙂

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Post #806786 - Reply to (#806743) by F_J

1:43 pm, Jul 14 2024
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Quote from F_J
Also to some of y'all asking why people have light... don't you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom?

I actually dont, i sleep 10+ hours usually on the weekends, not even once i needed to wake up and go too the restroom. Interrupted sleeps are not that good anyway. Yeah, when i wake up i feel the need to pee tough so i do just that. I usually go to pee before bed, so that probably helps not to have too strong of an urge that would wake me up

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