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Whats the connection of Kenichi with Ryozanpaku

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1:36 pm, Sep 25 2007
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It was around 2001 thats I saw in Yahoo chat (which once existed) one girl using the heroine of this manga as her picture in her page. I loved the picture (like other anime i saw) and I was amazed to find out finally who that girl was while watching the anime. Something was weird though. I saw the pic around 2001 i think about the begging of the year. But Kenichi starts on 2002. I thought that it could be a preview of the manga but then I thought its kinda weird to see previous of manga and 1 year before. I looked for a prequel to the manga like One piece has Wanted! and poof I fall on a 5 volume manga called Ryozanpaku History's Strongest Disciple and on the cover there is both the hero and the heroine of Kenichi. Now I am just wondering which is the connection of these 2 manga.

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1:43 pm, Sep 25 2007
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aren't they both the same thing? the title is just different! Kenichi is Shijou saikyou no deshi Kenchi. Ryozanpaku History's strongest disciple Kenichi is history's strongest disciple.... do you understand? ... hmmmm... they are both the same thing isn't it? just under different titles, right?....

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9:03 pm, Sep 27 2007
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Well they look exactly the same. I do not know much Japanese to begin with.. Anyway does that means that after that 5 volume manga the creator decided to make a long run one because it was actually good? I just though it was weird thats all. And I can;t understand why it never became popular to begin with.. Hmmm.. right now I wish I knew Japanese so I could read it T.T

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8:01 pm, Oct 7 2007
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"History's Strongest Disciple, Kenichi" is a re-write of "Fight! Ryouzampaku, History's Strongest Disciple". Most of the characters are the same (there is no Shigure in the older series), and the older series moves faster. Other than that, I don't know a whole lot, having only seen the first chapter as a sample online, and the volume 16 omake has a comparison of some of the characters.

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7:21 pm, Sep 27 2008
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Stolen from wiki O.o...

Tatakae!! Ryōzanpaku:

The plot to the 5 volume monthly predecessor to the series was mostly the same, with a few major differences:

Shigure does not exist in the monthly version, and two of the masters are said to be away on a journey (the silhouette of one of them seems to be Shigure, though). Also, Akisame's age is said to be 28 instead of 38, but despite the 10 year age difference his looks are the same.

Kenichi and Miu do no attend the same high school.

Ba Kensei and Ikki Takeda both look completely different. Additionally, Takeda is named Takenouchi (竹ノ内, Takenouchi?) (possibly a parody of Ippo Makunouchi from Hajime no Ippo) and is the captain of the boxing team. Natsu Tanimoto is also instead named Natsu Sugimoto (杉本 夏, Sugimoto Natsu?).

The group Kenichi battles against is named Snake (スネイク, Snake?) and is headed by three main members: Shōgo Furukawa (吉川 将吾, Furukawa Shōgo?) (Top One), Natsu Sugimoto/Hermit (Top Two), and Kisara Nanjō (Top Three). The three of them later appeared in Kenichi as members of Ragnarok (Furukawa appeared as Berserker). Ragnarok was used as the name of Snake's rival group.

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