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Looking for bickering love

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12:29 pm, Jun 14 2018
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I've been trolling the forums for a while, and the questions similar to this usually aren't exactly what I want. Forgive me for formatting, this is my first post.

I have a thing for the main couple to bicker... a lot. Not a tiny bit. A lot.

I'm looking for a female lead who is a bit head strong and is not a doormat. I am looking for male love interest that is also a bit head strong and not a doormat. I don't like doormats, because then the teasing just becomes mean and damaging. I somewhat dislike Ranma 1/2 because Ranma always gets beat up for no reason and doesn't stand up for himself. And I feel like Inuyasha is a bit similar in that regard.
I seem to have a preference for the guy if they are rich, a demon, or part animal, etc. I may have a problem there.
I also really like stories where the love interest is categorically the villain, or the main heroine initially dislikes him, but then grows to love him. I also really like it when the guy falls in love first.

Genres: romance,
either shoujo or josei
I really like supernatural
(and kind of like it when the guy is a demon or part animal... I got a problem.)
I'm fine with smut as long as there is plot

The romance needs to be just an aspect of the story, and not the focus of it, otherwise the plot is just one stupid misunderstanding after another.

Examples of previous works/relationships I liked were:

Spike x Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It wasn't healthy until the 7th season, but it was fun to watch them get there.
Glass Mask
Tokyo Crazy Paradise
Skip Beat (early KyokoxRen, late Kyoko and Sho's interactions, )
Beauty Pop
etc, there's a lot more, but I can't really think of them now.

Thanks for the help!

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10:25 pm, Jun 14 2018
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b.o.d.y, it might be simple about highschool girl and highschool boy but it has the bickering love.
akai ito!

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