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︶꒷꒦⊹๑ Celestial Buddies Scans is seeking your help! ๑‧˚₊꒷︶

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9:18 am, Oct 15 2021
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Celestial Buddies Scans is recruiting for all positions!
We are a decent-sized, non-profit group aiming to recruit more volunteers so we can pick up more projects! We're willing to work on any genre, except NSFW. So, please come join and help us out! Experience is preferred but not required! (Unless you are applying as Quality Checker.) We are currently working on Romance, Shoujo, and Shounen Ai projects (all projects are listed at the end).

We're looking for:
Raw Provider (OPEN)
- Can stitch and denoise.
- Currently looking for those who are able to rip from Kuaikan and Kakaopage.

Korean/Japanese/Chinese Translator (URGENT)
- Must be fluent in the given language

Proofreader (URGENT)
- Experience is much preferred.
- Must have excellent proficiency in English.
- Able to transform sentences to a smoother and more natural flow.

Cleaner/Redrawer (REALLY URGENT!)
- Able to save files as .psd (Photoshop is preferred)
- You must clean all the SFX. (If it's too complicated, we can have a little leeway for it)

Typesetter (URGENT)
- Photoshop is preferred.

- Experience is a MUST
- Has background on PR, CLRD, and TS

Permanent Designer (OPEN)
- Creates credit pages for a specific series.
- Creates recruitment pages, do not repost, etc.
- (Optional) Creates title covers for specific series.

We also accept freelancers and trainees

_________________________________________________________ ________________

Projects we're working on:
This includes works that haven't been *released

⋆ [CN] Wild Song of Moon Tide
Romance, Shounen Ai

⋆ [JP] Mayonaka no Stellarium (Stellarium at Midnight)
Romance, School Life, Shoujo
All chapters are already translated.

⋆ [CN] Banquet*
Romance, Shounen Ai

⋆ [JP] Ouji ni Dekiai saretakunainode moto Princess desuga Dansou Shitsuji ni Narimasu!*
I don’t want to be doted on by a prince, so I’ll disguise myself as a butler, even though I’m a former princess! (Princess Butler)
Fantasy, Romance, Gender Bender, School Life

⋆ [KR] Seolabeol Lomaenseu (Seolabeol Romance)*
Reincarnation, Historical, Romance

Translators are free to suggest series to work on!
If you're interested in applying, please DM jamie019#6628 on Discord or join CBS' server ( and open up a ticket in #crew-recruitment!
Here's our MU page:

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2:18 am, Oct 23 2021
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Hey, there! Celestial Buddies Scans is still recruiting for all positions~

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4:37 am, Oct 30 2021
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Hey, hey! Celestial Buddies Scans is recruiting for all positions except for PR!

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5:44 am, Nov 6 2021
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Celestial Buddies is recruiting for all positions! Everything is urgent except for RPs and Designers.
And yes, the PR position is back up~ (and in high demand, too!)


7:01 am, Nov 11 2021
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Hello, I would like to apply for the proofreading position.

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7:18 pm, Nov 14 2021
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I’d like a proofreading position if it’s still available.


12:41 am, Nov 15 2021
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Hello...If it's still available, I would like to apply for the Typesetter position..

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