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New Poll - Geography

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11:57 am, Jun 3 2023
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This week's poll, suggested by Afiaki, is about where you're from. Last time we did something similar was about a decade ago.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: When you see or hear "Conan," what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Detective Conan (1994 manga still ongoing to this day) - votes: 1783 (53.7%)
Future Boy Conan (1978 anime) - votes: 52 (1.6%)
Conan the Barbarian (pulp fiction fantasy hero) - votes: 989 (29.8%)
Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) - votes: 125 (3.8%)
Conan O'Brien (American talk show host) - votes: 310 (9.3%)
Other - votes: 61 (1.8%)
There were 3320 total votes.
The poll ended: June 3rd, 2023 11:43am PDT

Case closed

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12:30 pm, Jun 3 2023
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I think the second option was intended to be something more akin to "Sub-Saharan Africa." Otherwise, East and West Africa are missing.

I answered with where I am currently located rather than were I am originally from. 🤠

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12:42 pm, Jun 3 2023
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Also missing "Northern Europe/Scandinavia"...

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12:54 pm, Jun 3 2023
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Well, I'm interested to find out where people are from. Could do with an option for Northern Europe (where I'm from), but if you consider most of it to be more West than East then it fits into the current results, I suppose...

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5:29 pm, Jun 3 2023
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Define "from".
What about immigrants and children of immigrants?
Which country are they "from"?

Oh, and when just splitting Europe into East and West, then North Europe is clearly part of West. (edit: the Baltic states can be included in "Northern Europe", and i suspect those are more East... Apparently the British Isles can also count as Northern Europe, which makes sense, I suppose. Neither Balkan, nor UK/Ireland count as Nordic, however)

...but no, Scandinavia wouldn't be a good option, as that only covers Norway and Sweden. (i.e. the countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula, which the name "Scandinavia"comes from)
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7:51 am, Jun 4 2023
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Agreed. I didn’t vote at all because it was confusingly split into two when there’s at least 5 regions in the continent. Maybe there’s a limit in the number of options for these polls?

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8:26 am, Jun 4 2023
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This isn't something I should have to be thankful for, tbh, but still - thanks so much for separating Asia into South, East, Southeast and Middle East! That almost never happens on these surveys, and it annoys the hell out of me, cos the difference between us and, say, Japan is like night and day.

Anyway: South Asia.


5:20 pm, Jun 4 2023
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There is such a thing as central Europe, you know? As a person born in Poland, I don't think we should be classified as western European, but I certainly don't identify as eastern European.

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8:37 pm, Jun 4 2023
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Answered north america, that is where i lived for last 14 years... But i was born in eastern europe...

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8:50 pm, Jun 4 2023
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North America (Canada).

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1:58 am, Jun 5 2023
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Western Europe (Germany) but originally from Russia.

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2:51 am, Jun 5 2023
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Im not from either of them.
Im from Northern europe, southern europe is also missing from the poll.

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3:33 pm, Jun 7 2023
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Missing fewer regions than previous polls, but still missing a little. (namely, "South Africa" should instead be "Sub-Saharan Africa" or "West+East+Central+South Africa" or something.) I guess splitting Europe into only West and East makes sense, given the limited number of options.
on this poll:
Africa - 2 options
Americas - 3
Asia - 4 (including Middle East)
Europe - 2

not a big fan of the use of plain "Middle East", "West Asia / Middle East" would have been a better option imo.

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3:23 am, Jun 8 2023
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I chosen North America since that's where I ish from.
but probably that's most likely going to be the top choice 😛

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Post #802643 - Reply to (#802584) by Rozen86

4:21 am, Jun 8 2023
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Probably Eastern Europe on the poll. I mean ONU does use those denominations, but Europe is excessively subdivided it that division and it counts everything east from the Urals (most of the Eurasian tectonic plate) as Europe.

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