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Looking for 2 specific BL

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3:06 pm, Nov 19 2022
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Hi! I've been looking for these two series for days but unfortunately just can't seem to find them :" )

1) uke is in love with his childhood friend but then gets involved with the director of his company (seme). uke falls in love properly with seme but then turns out he was getting played by the seme. uke ends up moving to a diff region and the seme regrets hurting him and after a whole development arc, they get back together in the end.

some other details: childhood friend got married in the middle of the story and uke was able to finally be happy for his best friend, the uke wears glasses

2) uke is a doruota and is in college. he ends up joining a committee or smth bc they might be able to secure his fave group for the university festival. in this committee is a freshman (seme) who turns out to be the lil bro of the guy's first love (girl) who is similar to the idol that uke is a big fan of.

some other details: the sister got pregnant in hs i think and had to drop out? , they aren't successful in inviting the idol group to their school festival iirc

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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6:59 pm, Nov 20 2022
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I think this is the first manga you're looking for Hina wa Mitsuiro no Koi ni Torawareru. It has everything you said: uke in love with straight childhood friend, later he changes his love interest to his boss, boss played with him and he decided to apply to a change of city. Uke wear glasses and his childhood friend got married after a while.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the second manga you asked, but I hope this helps!

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