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6:58 am, Aug 10 2022
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I've been using Vivaldi for the past few years, and I've been enjoying it a lot. I don't think I can do without tab stacking or tiling anymore.

I've been through basically every other popular browser on the block too -- Chrome, Firefox, Opera... All of them ended up having issues that pushed me to the next browser down the line, and in the end, Vivaldi is the only one that hasn't let me down. Hopefully it stays that way.

I use Kiwi Browser on my phone though because, from what I can tell, Vivaldi mobile's functionality isn't quite there yet.

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2:23 pm, Aug 10 2022
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I use Firefox and I'm glad to see so many people are coming back to it and realizing it's once again better than Chrome.

A lot of people get too attached to their browsers because they were "obviously the best when [they] started using them", but browser development diverges quite a bit over time. Obviously Firefox was the first "big" browser alternative to internet explorer so it got a lot of the initial people on board. But when Chrome showed up, it quickly surpassed Firefox in performance. By the time Chrome became the plurality browser, it had already been better than Firefox for at least 6 years.

... and then Google's browser team got lazy. Chrome (and all chromium) became more bloated, slower, more of a memory hog. Firefox, meanwhile, got faster and slicker, and has once again been better than unmodded Chrome for probably 8 years now, but the switch back to Firefox has been so slow because we now have a universe of non-cross-compatible browser extensions that needs to be managed for people's everyday experiences to remain consistent. So for the most part, people are only switching from Chrome back to Firefox if Chrome gets SO bad for them that it either can't load pages or causes their other programs to be unable to run (like memory-intensive games).

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10:31 pm, Aug 10 2022
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I use Brave and Vivaldi.
Years ago, I used Firefox and Opera a lot. I still use Opera sometimes to save full pages in PDF. That option is really handy and I wish it existed on other browsers too.

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4:39 am, Aug 13 2022
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I use Firefox because it's still useable when you open your browser, and it restores your session with 200 tabs. Chrome is garbage when it comes to that.

I'm honestly surprised Firefox got 34.5% of the votes. I think Firefox is used by only 6% of the internet users, so it is heavily represented here in the manga community.

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