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New Poll - Coffee

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4:55 am, May 18 2022
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I love the smell of coffee but hate the taste. I've tried various types/flavors in the past, but it's all bleh

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12:55 pm, May 18 2022
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I love coffee, but I'm particularly fond of black coffee.
I drink it everyday. Got used a few years ago and nowadays I prefer it over any other. ❤

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1:20 am, May 19 2022
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I like coffee but it makes me can't sleep at night so I don't drink it often.

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4:13 am, May 21 2022
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Now I'm curious if the community is more tea-based? I put a poll suggestion in this regard. I'm definitively a Tea team person.

I like coffee but mostly when it's sweet and I don't have the stuff to make good coffee anyway (or the knowledge).

I have a "Senseo" machine my mom had bought long ago and I repaired it recently because she was complaining that there's no coffee to drink at my place. I don't really like these machines because you need to buy special expensive "pods" to use it, which is much more expensive than just buying grinded coffee so I looked up if there are some tricks to it. Turns out you can just buy a reusable metallic pod and you just put your own coffee inside and it works like any other coffee machine.

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