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Can someone just give me a brief summary about this story?

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The Shorty

8:26 pm, Sep 20 2010
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I'm too lazy to read this manga if it's horrible...
So i turned to the forums for help
is this manga any good? confused

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8:28 pm, Sep 20 2010
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Story? There isn't really a story per se...

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Monkey. :B

8:59 pm, Sep 20 2010
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One of your posts suggests that you have read it though...<-<

I dropped this one after the fifth volume. If you're a fan of harem, by all means read it: if you've read one you've read them all. I only dropped it because it followed all those damn harem cliches. I think I only enjoyed the first three volumes. XD Unlike other harems, the male lead here was pretty decent...well, until he started getting cliche...

As mattai said, there isn't much of a story after like the third volume... it's all repetitive, no development at all. ~.~

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3:57 am, Sep 21 2010
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If you're a fan of harems, you'll definitely like this one! o_o But don't expect something amazing.

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4:27 am, Sep 21 2010
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if you read chapter 1
takes about 5-10mins

and you like it
continue to read until you get bored

is 10minutes of your life so horrible to loose?
if so you should probably not read manga to begin with

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The Coolest

5:38 am, Sep 29 2011
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its already can b seen who he will end up with....unless theres little twist.

and im only on chapter 5.

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2:26 pm, Oct 6 2011
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Tits and panties..

thats the story..

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
for whom he will end up with... try no one, or open ended..


9:18 pm, Oct 6 2011
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Country bumpkin guy goes to dojo in the city, meets girls, ecchi and misunderstanding ensues, girls fall for guy. "Evil" girl appears to challenge guy and dojo girls, guy beats her and does a "power of friendship" speech, evil girl falls in love with him too, rinse and repeat this last part about 3 or 4 times with the odd evil dude entering the fray and becoming friends with guy (instead of falling for him.) Manga ends with the latest evil girl falling for guy (no surprise) and none of his supposed harem has confessed to him. That's it.

A pretty shit manga imo. Even for your typical harem series this one is pathetic. no

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