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(help me find this) - man uses sex drug to turn boy into sissy

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1:46 pm, Jan 10 2023
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Hi everyone, I am looking for a yaoi about a man (I believe a teacher) that uses some photos as blackmail to make a student have sex with him. Then he uses a sex drug which the boy gets addicted to and slowly over time transforms the boy into a sissy by dressing him in girl clothes, which the boy increasingly likes. Ring a bell for anyone?

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12:42 pm, Jan 18 2023
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it probably isn't , but is it "yarichin bitch-bu" ?

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10:27 pm, Jan 30 2023
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Hmmm if we're talking true perversion (which it sounds like we are), this sounds like Seki Sabato (Tsukuru) territory...maybe Shio-chan to Osoto de Asobou and the sequel Shio-chan wa Itsumodoori? Not sure it's a teacher, though. Also fair warning these are tagged shotacon, be informed before you click.

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