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Too old for shoujo manga?

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10:10 am, Mar 21 2021
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lol haven't been on these forums for a bit but i also find that my tolerance for shoujo tropes has diminished and now i seek out more josei/seinen stuff as i get older.

i still love the tropes but 100% its easier to read about hs when you're still in it, lol. it's been [redacted] number of years since i was in hs though so i agree with the person above me. it's grating sometimes, the characters are so *UGH, girl, WHY* but i still enjoy it. never too old, but tastes change. there is a reason why these genres come with age demographics - not saying that those people are the only ones who can read it but those are the ones likely to enjoy it. 🙂

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2:49 pm, Feb 7 2022
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Nah, you read whatever you want to read.
I know people in their 30s who read high school romance and enjoy it just as well, to each their own.


6:01 am, Feb 26 2022
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I'm 35 and I recently got back into reading high school mangas, particularly the works of Masakazu Katsura (I"s, Video Girl Ai). I mainly got into those because of a.) nostalgia for when I was younger b.) both stories have turned out to be quite gripping for me, and c.) my Japanese reading level is still on the lower end of the spectrum, so I'm not ready to tackle either Blade of the Immortal or Masamune Shirow's early works just yet.

I too feel a bit embarrassed sometimes when I've been reading such mangas on the train to turn to a page that includes nudity. Have to half-cover the pages and hope the old grannies and more snooty businessmen don't notice.

But, as others have pointed out, if it makes you happy, go for it. I'd rather read a well written manga aimed at schoolers than watch most of the badly written trash targetted at adults on Netflix.

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1:56 pm, Mar 30 2022
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I think it's less that you've outgrown shoujo and more like you haven't found the *very* good ones yet.
Not that I'd know much about high quality shoujo manga (anime is a different thing), but I feel like it's the same for all manga regardless of demographic.


3:44 pm, Jun 11 2022
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I can't handle some cringy relationships that I used to love. Any kind of teacher/student relationship is a complete no for me. So some shoujo is ruled out by that.

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