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Baku Yumemakura's Onmyōji Novels Get 1st Anime Adaptation on Netflix in 2023

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6:25 am, Sep 25 2022
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Onmyouji (OKANO Reiko)
The Netflix Tudum Japan livestream event on Sunday revealed that Baku Yumemakura's Onmyōji novels are getting their first anime series adaptation. The anime will premiere worldwide on Netflix in 2023.
Soubi Yamamoto (Meganebu!, This Boy/Kono Danshi series) is directing the anime, and Natsu Hashimoto (Oshiete Hokusai!: The Animation) and Yuiko Katō (Agū: Tensai Ningyō) are writing the scripts. Marvy Jack is producing the anime.
Yumemakura first wrote the franchise as a series of short stories starting in 1986. He then wrote three full-length novels for the franchise, in 2000-2008. The book series also includes several picture books.
The stories take place in a fictional version of Japan's Heian period, and center on the real-life onmyōji Abe no Seimei.
The novels inspired the Onmyōji and Onmyoji II live-action films in 2001 and 2003. Reiko Okano drew a 13-volume manga adaptation of the series starting in 1994. The books have also inspired several live-action series in Japan.

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