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I'm looking for 2 isekai manga's

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10:28 am, Sep 20 2022
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So these 2 manga's had very little chapters I remember and hadn't finished from what I remember.

The first one was about a little boy he was crying and wondering what he did wrong for his mom to hate him or something like that and god reincarnated him and he was reincarnated even younger then before but before he was sent to the other world he asked him what his favorite animal was and he said doggy so he was sent into a forest along with a Fenrir and knights or something came upon him and they took him in and later adopted by one of the knights.

Second was about a girl who reincarnated and the details were very fuzzy but she was sent to become a marriage candidate for the king and she was sent to live in an isolated villa and there was a cat eared maid and the food was terrible because people just put in a crap load of spices so she cooked and the chef was about to quit because he thought he felt unqualified but she calmed him down and they became cooking allies. She went outside and saw wolves out for a walk and would brush them and one of the wolves refused to let her pet him but would allow for brushing. and in one scene there was a cat and she followed it to some strawberries and everyone freaked out because they thought it was monster gems or something but it wasn't and she made it into jam and the cat asked for it then insisted for a spoon.

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11:15 am, Sep 20 2022
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First one could be Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?. And I am fairly sure that the second one is Tenseisaki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu-tachi to Oryouri shimasu: Okazari Ouhi wa My Pace ni Saikyou desu.

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12:29 pm, Sep 20 2022
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the first one isn't right he was like eight or something then reincarnated as four years old something around that age so its different he wasn't reincarnated as a baby. The second one is spot on thank you for finding it it was driving me crazy!!!

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