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How does the manhua compare to the novel?

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1:28 pm, Aug 4 2012
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Because I'm not sure which I should read.

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2:04 pm, Aug 4 2012
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The novel goes into more detail with the characters stats and levels then the manhua but other then that I don't think there is much difference. Personally I like the novel better, gives you more insight on the characters and their lives in and out of the game. Why not read the first few chapters of each and then decided or just read both.

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2:12 pm, Aug 4 2012
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I have yet to find an occasion where the graphic version is better than the novel it is based upon. 1/2 Prince isn't an exception. That is, of course, dependent on how tolerant you are of garbled english. Novel translations have atrocious grammar and linguistic sense when compared to graphic equivalents that only have to reproduce spoken text/thought (which is often the easiest to translate.)

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5:28 pm, Aug 17 2012
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You need to read the novel! I loved it. The translations are, really good! I noticed things in the novel that I didn't notice in the manhua, and the novel is never boring, I reread it. I loved it so much. I feel it is a must read. The manhua is definitely not as good as the novel. Check it out! 1/2 Prince (Novel)

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