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New Poll - Relationship Status

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11:35 pm, Jun 24 2016
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This week's poll is from sara.. (yes, the two periods are part of the username). Pretty straight forward survey question. I originally thought about adding more options about if you had kids or not but decided against diluting the options any further.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Genre you most avoid (aka least favorite)
Action - votes: 66 (0.7%)
Adventure - votes: 29 (0.3%)
Comedy - votes: 39 (0.4%)
Drama - votes: 79 (0.8%)
Ecchi - votes: 877 (9.4%)
Fantasy - votes: 48 (0.5%)
Gender Bender - votes: 1149 (12.3%)
Harem - votes: 1015 (10.9%)
Hentai - votes: 1106 (11.8%)
Historical - votes: 226 (2.4%)
Horror - votes: 829 (8.9%)
Martial Arts - votes: 101 (1.1%)
Mecha - votes: 928 (9.9%)
Mystery - votes: 32 (0.3%)
Psychological - votes: 107 (1.1%)
Romance - votes: 218 (2.3%)
School Life - votes: 63 (0.7%)
Sci-Fi - votes: 100 (1.1%)
Slice of Life - votes: 119 (1.3%)
Smut - votes: 577 (6.2%)
Sports - votes: 609 (6.5%)
Supernatural - votes: 37 (0.4%)
Tragedy - votes: 985 (10.5%)
There were 9339 total votes.
The poll ended: June 24th 2016

I'm actually really surprised that Gender Bender is the most hated. Why is that the case? And by our definitions, yaoi is considered a demographic, so it purposely wasn't an option in last week's poll.

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12:59 am, Jun 25 2016
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3D relationships are tricky, huh.

Trying to give harsher ratings to series on my lists.
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Lone Wanderer

4:25 am, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 2112

Always single, always will be, and happy with it.

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4:28 am, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 177

I don't know how to answer, there is a girl and I want a serious relationship with her, but haven't reached that stage yet.

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4:30 am, Jun 25 2016
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Thanks for reminding me that I'm #foreveralone laugh But yeah, I'm more comfortable on my own, so I'll stick with that for now.

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Seinen is RIGHT

4:46 am, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 2267

The relationship / sexual options ranked pretty high, which makes this poll the prefect follow up...

Have always been single, as i never moved in with anyone or anything else that falls under the word "commitment". I am currently applying to universities and will certainly play my cards there but no "relationships" for me. Thank you very much, i prefer to die alone.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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11:12 am, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 4917

I've had relationships, but after the last one ended the way it did, I've just been taking care of myself. That might not be the best choice of words for this.

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11:45 am, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 155

Have been married for almost 6 years already smile

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Noblesse Forever!

11:52 am, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 1067

In a relationship that I don't know if it's serious or not >.<

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2:28 pm, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 155

Single and will always be.

Not interested in being in couple.

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4:00 pm, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 112

Female, always single, had been asked, had crushes (sometimes I found out later that they had gf) but got over them before thinking about asking them.

Post #681399 - Reply to (#681368) by The_Fox

4:11 pm, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 76

/a/ taught me that 3D is PD, and only a waifu's love is real.

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10:04 pm, Jun 25 2016
Posts: 28

Quite interesting results so far.. reaaaaally interesting.
I wonder what is the relation, if any, to what the current poll shows and taking part on it.

Post #681414 - Reply to (#681407) by Daisukereds
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12:19 am, Jun 26 2016
Posts: 30

As I'm writing this almost 85% of MU is single......crazy....I myself am as well and don't care if I get into one or not.....

I wonder how old the general population of MU is, I'm guessing mid 20s...

Post #681415 - Reply to (#681414) by Jolty Febe

12:24 am, Jun 26 2016
Posts: 6

I think we just found our next poll question... but I seem to recall there to have been a poll question on that in the past. I could be wrong though.

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