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At which chapter does the movie story end and manga continues?

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5:37 am, Dec 18 2014
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I just watched the first two movies of Azumi, and loved them, and want to continue the story in manga. Can someone tell me where does the story picks off in the manga? Also, is there any major information excluded in the movies? The movies are not a spin-off, or have an alternate ending, right?

I tried Google but could not find the answers. I hope this thread will help anyone else who is in need of this info like me in future too biggrin

Thank You

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5:52 am, Dec 18 2014
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Just start with the manga from Vol.1 This is a non answer but the movie is a changed rushfest as always. It reads fast and is a 9/10. Read my reviewbiggrin.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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