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New Poll - Spoilers in Ads

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12:01 am, Jul 21 2018
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This week's poll was suggested by residentgrigo. How do spoilers in advertisements influence your decision in consuming a product? You know how some movie trailers (seem to) spoil the whole plot of a movie? Is that annoying to you?

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The poll ended: July 20th 2018

I rather like how juliarox214 talked about her own situation with this poll

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1:26 am, Jul 21 2018
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Teasers are fine. I don't usually keep up with what's being released, so the only way I find out about a new film or whatever is through teasers or by word of mouth. Spoilery trailers, on the other hand, can go die off in a corner for all I care. I hate spoilers. If you're gonna spoil the twist in the trailer, then what's the point of watching it? If you're basically gonna show the whole story in the trailer, is it even a trailer anymore? Good advertisement comes in the form of communicating the premise without spoiling anything. I'm not gonna pay to watch or read something that's been spoiled to me unless I'm somehow convinced that it's still worth it, which very rarely happens.

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6:49 am, Jul 21 2018
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For new series, I watch enough of the trailer to decide if I want to watch that series or not. After I've decided it's something I want to see, I attempt to go on a media blackout and avoid all new trailers. If it's a new season of a show I already know I'm going to continue watching, I don't watch any ads for the new season. I'm someone who prefers everything to be a surprise.

But what I find most annoying is not the trailers that show too much of the content (which is really annoying), but how news websites will post articles about episodes of popular series with spoilers. Like when Game of Thrones is airing, I have to avoid certain news sites if I didn't watch the latest episode yet.

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7:38 am, Jul 21 2018
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I don't care about spoilers one bit. Unless you watch the whole story, you'll never get the whole picture, so who cares if the ads/trailers show important parts? Without the relevant context, even the most detailed spoiler can't ruin a show, imo.

So I go with the second-to-last option.

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7:39 am, Jul 21 2018
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I don’t really care about spoilers. If something is only worth watching because of a twist ending it’s not really worth watching at all. Surprise endings are overrated. The only things that are really good are worth watching more than once. It’s actually quite fun to read a mystery and already know the end. I can admire how well the author set it up; how hints that should have been obvious were missed.

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8:42 am, Jul 21 2018
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I never unintentionally watching ads anymore since I barely watch TV now and I use adblock for internet, so if I want to watch an ad that means I'm okay with any kind of spoiler since I don't care about it mmm...

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4:45 pm, Jul 21 2018
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I like spoilers. I think I’m the type that enjoy the product more if I know what I get in the end. Something like... if I like it then I will still like it and if I don’t like it then I don’t need to waste my time?

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4:54 pm, Jul 21 2018
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I'm one of those people who love spoilers and will actively search them out for media I'm interested in so that I know exactly what I'm getting into.

Having said that, however, I'm not more or less likely to watch something simply because an ad spoiled a movie for me. If it's something I'm apathetic about, I'll continue to be apathetic about it even when I know everything about it. If it's something I'm interested in, a random drive-by spoiler probably won't influence my opinions much, especially because I'll probably search out a summary of the whole thing before I go to theaters anyway.

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4:07 am, Jul 22 2018
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This poll assumes that one watches ads and/or previews/teasers.
I don't.
I almost never watch TV, and I've always use an adblocker, so... it's rare that I get a glimpse of such things.

I also hate spoilers, but there is no option on the poll, for saying that you hate spoilers.
There is an option for saying that you'll be less likely to get the product or you'll get the product, despite getting spoiled.
I don't get spoiled, so neither applies ...and whether being spoiled makes me less likely to watch/but it, very much depends of the nature of the spoiler.

Also, why assume I'd be interested in getting the product, in the first place?
Neither I, nor anyone else, is going to buy every single product, ever released. In fact, I have no interest in the majority of them (much like everyone else. Tons of stuff comes out, all the time. Most of it shit).
Spoilers for a movie I'd never watch, anyway, isn't going to make me more or less likely to watch it, but that has nothing to do with being spoiled.

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12:33 pm, Jul 22 2018
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I personally dig for spoilers at times. So, it doesn't really matter to me for the most part. And productions are more smarter, professional, organized these days. Thus they avoid most of the stated scenarios.

Chose I don't care.

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10:38 pm, Jul 27 2018
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I will get the product but dislike the advance spoiler. I don´t mind if a major twist or last second revaluation is part of the marketing if it´s revealed way in advance. You can then imagine how things got to that point but i hate how US comic publishers just reveal the big twist of that weeks issue 2 days before release with the particular pages on top. You can get spoiled easily even if you don´t read such articles, as it´s pretty easy to guess to what actually happened due to it always being the worst outcome and the buzz is meat unavoidable in the scene. The endless hot takes that come about by people who haven´t read the upcoming issue and maybe never will are equally brain dead.
I truly hope that this way of marketing crashed and goes away one of these days.
Chronological plot-point-by-plot-point trailers can go die too. Truly the worst way to market.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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